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Poker Analytics comparison report on an iPhone 5

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Track. Analyze. Improve.

Poker Analytics is the must have app of any serious players. It is your bankroll manager, your performance analyzer and your hand reviewer.

You couldn't know you needed it that much. It’s just great, and simple.

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Designed for iOS 7.0+

Love this app! ★★★★★

The best interface and support, perfect multi-table tracking, and on-date-demand updates, very reliable and the best bankroll tracking app ever made! - Bz Fish, Australia

Best app by far ★★★★★

This app allows you to account perfectly and monitor your poker progress better than all competition after thorough testing fully recommend. - John, UK

Excellent work ★★★★★

This is a great app. I tested and used most of the poker apps available in the app store. This one looks most promising. I played a home game managing the buy-ins. Everybody was impressed. They also have great support IMO. - Robert, Poland

Poker Analytics is your new companion. It helps you track the results of all your sessions: from live to online, tournaments or cash games, even your older sessions. Get powerful analytics right on your mobile phone.


The capabilities of Poker Analytics report engine are limitless. You'll be able to follow the evolution of your hour rate, compare your performance by blind level, or simply check if you are winner on Friday nights. Get all the answers you are looking for.

Poker Analytics statistics tab


Your stats: scroll for cash game and tournament specific stats.

Poker Analytics vertical evolution chart


Tap on a stat and see how it evolves. Aggregate your data by month or by year.

Poker Analytics filters selection


Use filters on your stats, reports and sessions. Use any parameter of the app as a filter.

Poker Analytics blind comparison report


Work on different play styles to accumulate and compare data, in order to know how, where and when you are most profitable... You will also be able to find your weaknesses and thus avoid them.

Build your own reports. Select statistics, filters and comparative metrics to visualize your figures in charts and tables.


Track your results precisely in every situation: online multitabling, tournament with friends or casino cash game. Each parameter counts.

Poker Analytics cash game session setup


Setup as easy as it can get. Add custom fields to track every detail that matters.

Poker Analytics sessions list


Your last sessions by date. Use filters to sort sessions as you wish.

Poker Analytics custom parameters


Never forget an important decision. Record hands as quickly as possible with the simple hand recorder, and review them later.


Bankroll Management. Two words at the heart of poker success. Poker Analytics gives you the tools to never get broke again.

Poker Analytics bankroll overview


All your bankrolls at a glance. Select different currencies for each bankroll.

Poker Analytics bankroll details


Your overall summary, with the figures you have always wanted to know.


You will also find: multiplayer support, data import from desktop and mobile trackers, data backup with iCloud, application lock to keep your data safe, sharing...

Multiplayer session


Poker Analytics tracks your friends results for cash games and tournaments.


Get your all your recorded sessions from other trackers directly into Poker Analytics, see compatible versions.

We offer CSV and XML export of your data, and iCloud support for all exported files.

Your bespoke poker tracker

Poker Analytics is declined in 3 versions. The standard edition lets you test all the possibilities of the app for free. The Regular allows you to start tracking all your sessions with key features. The Pro is used by players that want to go one step further with their game.

Free Regular Pro
Unlimited session tracking
Unlimited hand history
Past session tracking
Custom fields
Multiplayer support
Cash games
Charts Net result
Default reports 16 1 16
Custom reports
iCloud Support
XML export / import
CSV export
External trackers import
Bankroll Management
Currency Management
PIN Code
Free Regular Pro
Download Poker Analytics Available as an in-app purchase in the free version Download Poker Analytics Pro
Poker Analytics has been crafted with care and passion. The screens, the navigation, have been deeply reflected on, then built and rebuilt to get the most out of your data.

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