Android 5.0

Hello dear players, we’re glad to announce the release of a new amazing major version of Poker Analytics for Android. A release very much oriented around hand histories, but not entirely! Here is what’s new: Hand history recording Hand history replayer Hand history video export Cash game stop notifications Hand Recording To develop the recorder, […]

Hand Recording on Android!

We’re very excited to launch a public beta today with the new amazing hand recorder! We took the best from the iOS app and improved it to record hands even faster. If you’re not interested in the short read just go ahead and download the beta: What’s new compared to the iOS version? You […]

Poker Analytics 2.4 for Android

A short post to tell you all that we’ve added Poker Analytics own CSV import / export routine to the Android app. It’s now possible to export your sessions and your transactions in a CSV file, to whatever place you want. The file can also be imported inside the app, so this becomes the privileged […]

Poker Analytics 5.2

Version 5.2 for iOS is now live and available on the App Store, so make sure to update your apps! Here what’s new: New stat! Estimated number of hands now available Available both in the Stats and Calendar tab, you can now have an idea of how many hands you played. But how is it […]

Adding past sessions

Adding a past session in Poker Analytics is definitely possible, and it’s also pretty simple! It starts with creating, as usual, the session of your choice, cash game or tournament. Then, things will be slightly different whether you’re on iOS or Android. iOS Tap on date Select the start date of the session Select the […]