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The new Poker Analytics price model

We have just previewed the top features of the new Poker Analytics Nosebleed version in our previous post, where we briefly announced the new pricing model that comes with it. We wanted to come back to this subject with a longer post to explain why we are going with a subscription of $29.99 a year.

Yes, in the app world it is a pretty big number. Yes, it is a decent sum of money, and yes, many apps today have free updates. But not everybody have hundreds of millions of users and not all companies are funded by venture capitalists, so we want to tell you more about where we are and where we are headed.

To be honest, at this very moment Poker Analytics is a mitigated success. It is a success because it’s the product that made us transition for the corporate world to the entrepreneurship world, which is amazing. It’s a success because we’ve been working on something that we love: we love poker, we love stats, we love great software, and we are able to do just that, this is the life we want. The app is also a success because we are convinced we have achieved to build the best poker tracker on mobile. You give us great ratings, and your comments are always, or rather most of the times, a real treat to read.

However, Poker Analytics has been a great time investment since we’ve started developing it in 2011, and financially it is not a success yet. Our goal is to live by developing what we love, and our two persons team has not been able to live off the app for now. To meet our ends, we are developing apps on the side for other companies, but we want to spend more time on our own apps.

Developing and maintaining apps takes time. We are not paid when fixing a bug, or when adding a new feature. To cover a day of work at our current rates, we should sell 20 apps a day, and we are not even close to that. We have started working this new version at the beginning of this year – not full time – but we somehow would like to make these days profitable. Releasing the new version as a free update wouldn’t bring enough new users to cover the investment, that’s why we need to make Poker Analytics 4 a paying update.

The mobile poker tracker world is truly a niche market, and most of the apps in that market have an unfinished feel, with very few updates, and it’s important to understand that it is a very difficult space. There is not enough serious poker players in the world to feed developers with $1 or $2 apps, this is why we have to readjust our prices in this market to be able to maintain our apps.
One of our goals is to keep providing the best overall experience of all trackers, from the app usage to the support, be innovative in the game and be consistently ahead of the competition.

There is definitely a place for us within the poker world, because serious players are looking for great products to track their results, and we do believe that for many players, Poker Analytics 4 will be worth a lot more than $29.99 a year, especially with the features to come. We wouldn’t want to sell a subscription if we didn’t think the app could provide you more.

Learning if you perform the best in cash game or tournament, if you win a lot more in your local casino than online, that your hourly rate decreases quickly after playing 6 hours, all these answers bring you value every time you sit at a poker table for the rest of your life, and we feel that a yearly subscription is worth that price.

We are not going anywhere. We are growing slowly but surely. We want to continue bringing you the best piece of software, and we hope we will continue our way together. We want the Poker Analytics users to be the best poker players, we want you to get bracelets, triples crowns, and those mountains of cash chips in the high stakes rooms, so let’s get to these nosebleed games!

We have also written this post for future users. We would like you to postpone your purchase on the current version. Due to technical limitation, we won’t be able to offer you a promotion for the future release if you buy the app now, so please be patient, we are working as fast as possible to release Poker Analytics 4!


Poker Analytics 4

At last, today we are announcing the next release of our favorite app: Poker Analytics 4 “Nosebleed”!

We are very, very excited to show you what we’ve done, but we have to wait a little bit more. We hope to release the app this December, but it might be in January. By bringing never seen before features in the poker industry, this new version will change the tracking standards.

So let’s jump into it.

Conditioning reports

Using a new report engine, Poker Analytics 4 correlates your results with 3 conditioning indicators :

  • sleep
  • workouts
  • session duration

The reports will dramatically help you optimize how you prepare for the game. You’ll be able to see how much sleep you need to perform the best, how workouts affects your results, and when you should leave the table.

Bankroll reports and custom operations

By popular demand, we have created custom operations. You’ll have the ability to create the operation types you want, and attach them to your sessions, so that your stats reflect all your expenses and other bonuses.

We are also adding the possibility to filter your bankroll by dates, so you see the breakdown of your poker results and expenses for your poker trips, or have a clean picture of what you have achieved in the current year.

Player notes

We’ve added the possibility to add notes to players. You can link the notes directly from your sessions or hand histories and have them sorted by date. The Friends section is refactored into Players and each player view will show the sessions and the hands you’ve played together.


We are adding the iPad support! You’ll finally enjoy your data on a bigger screen.

Apple Watch

Poker Analytics 4 has an Apple Watch extension. This little extension will let your iPhone in your pocket and let you focus on the game. It will allow you to start, pause and end your sessions in a really quick fashion.

New theme

We do love the current Clover / dark green theme in Poker Analytics, but we felt that some might get a little uncomfortable in that environment, so we are adding a new Diamond / light theme that you might enjoy too, the choice will be yours!


That’s it for the major features. There are also a lot of minor improvements in the app that we will probably detail later on, overall the app still feels very familiar but has a lot more depth!

Competing in this small market has been pretty hard since the launch. We want to continue to provide the best tool on the market and that’s why and we have decided to change the app business model. Poker Analytics 4 will be a new standalone app that will be subscription based, at the price of $29.99/year for the USA. We want to explain to you why we are doing that in the next post.


Your game, your history, your legacy.

The title might be a little too much, but even if the subject is not the most interesting, it’s definitely one of the most important, that’s why we’ve decided to write a post about data in our favorite app.

Becoming a Poker Analytics Pro user is most of the time a sign that you are a very serious poker player. You care about the game, about tracking your results, and analyzing your data, and you chose Poker Analytics to build the data about your sessions, and we thank you again for that.

Your data is very precious, and need to be safe. In our space, multiple parties are involved: you, the people around you, us, and Apple. Each is fallible, everyone can make or mistake, or be unlucky, and your data can be lost. You can erase the app, someone can delete your data by accident, Poker Analytics might have a bug or lightnings could hit Apple data centers.

These unfortunate stories are rare but they do happen, and you don’t want to be sorry when your data is lost. So it is important to take action to avoid such events.

There are multiple ways to do that:

File Export in Poker Analytics:

  • XML files that contains everything but custom reports, filters and hand histories. These files can be imported back into Poker Analytics.
  • If you export your data using the “to iCloud” option, your XMLs will be available to all your devices connected to the same iCloud account through Poker Analytics.
  • As a reminder, the exported CSV files only contains your sessions and they cannot be imported back into Poker Analytics.

iCloud backup in Poker Analytics:

  • You can enable iCloud synchronization by going in the More tab, then Settings > iCloud synchronization. This will send your data to Apple servers and allow you to retrieve it if something happens to your phone.

iOS iCloud Backup

  • Very useful, you don’t need to connect to iTunes, the backup is done automatically whenever your iPhone’s is plugged to the charger. You won’t need iTunes to restore from iCloud either, everything will be available through the device.

iTunes backups:

  • By plugging your iPhone to your computer you can activate automatic backups.

We recommend you to regularly save data exports. You simply can send yourself a “bug report” from Poker Analytics using the so-called option in the More tab > Settings. It will export your data in XML and open a mail. Just add your email in place of ours and you’ve got a quick way to save your data.

You can also export to your computer and save it on some cloud of your preference, and to use automatic iTunes backups. Every opportunity to save your data should be taken. Anything can happen to your phone, your computer, or to some data centers so you should limit all the risks.

Ask yourself what would happen if you lost your data now and take action, and then have lots of fun at the tables!


The Twitch Revolution

Poker is undergoing a major change. Players have started streaming while playing. Twitch, the gaming streaming platform, is the go to choice for players wanting to showcase their skills.

We’ve selected for you the biggest names and their twitch accounts if you are craving to watch poker, so here are some of the best streams:

  • Greg Merson, 2012 WSOP Main Event Champion
  • Jason Somerville, nominee for Poker’s Best Ambassador at the 2015 American Poker Awards
  • Elky, triple crown winner

Some other notable accounts:

Also note that 2+2  also displays live streams in the right column of its pages.

If you are aware of other great streams, please notify us!

A couple of news

This is a quick post to tell you about a few things going around in the Poker Analytics galaxy.

We’ve published “The New Face of Poker”, an article about how the industry is changing for the good. We hope you will enjoy the read and tell us about it.

Also, we’re currently thinking about the roadmap of the app, so we are all ears for your input. You can choose the medium of your choice to contact us.

A few month ago we’ve made a price change on the App Store, currently at $27.99 for the US. We’ve been doing this obviously to increase our income, but also because we definitely believe that Poker Analytics is by far the best poker tracking app of the market. We want to app to stay that way.

However, we still need your help, so please tell your love of the app at the poker tables and tell everybody how you couldn’t live without it. Your comments on the App Store are always greatly appreciated by everybody in the team! It is a real pleasure to read them all.

Thanks for reading us!



Bamboo Other New Features

Hey there, this is the fifth and final post introducing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo. We still have a few in the basket so here they are:

Tabs reorganization
We were getting a bit frustrated from the lack of width on the main screens, so we have adopted the more standard horizontal tabs that you can find in many iOS apps. With hands histories, we weren’t sure which four tabs you would like to have at all times in Poker Analytics, so we have added the ability to reorganize the tabs the way that best suits you. You can do that in the More tab and then press Edit, the app will automatically save the new order.

Poker Analytics tabs

Best performances
There is a new tab called Top 10, which shows you your 10 best performances in cash and tournament. Take on the world and make a new entry!

Poker Analytics best performances

Monthly net result
In your sessions history, you’ll be able to look at your performance month by month. As simple as that!

Now you know everything about all the new features of Poker Analytics Bamboo! We hope you love it as much as we do! We still have a lot of pleasure hearing from you so give us your feedback.

See you!


Bamboo New Stats

This is the third post of a serie describing Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo new features.

Today is a short post on the three new statistics that have been added to the app.

Poker Analytics Bamboo Statistics

Total Tips
In the session setup, you can now tell how much tips you’ve given in a live cash games session.  You can check the total of your tips in the cash game section of your Stats screen.

Net Hour Rate
To make good use of your break management, we’ve added the Net Hour Rate. The Net Hour Rate subtracts your break duration from the total game duration and computes the hour rate with this netted duration.

In your Stats screen under the tournament section, we’ve replaced the standard Hour Rate with the Net Hour Rate in order to get more accurate values.
Under the cash section, you’ll see both stats so you can easily compare your performance in both cases.

Total Buyin
This statistic does not appear in the Stats screen, but you can select it when creating a custom report.

That’s it for now, time to dig deeper in the stats!

Bamboo Quick Setup

Hey guys,

this is the second post of a series describing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0. You can check the first one on hand histories.

Since the inception of Poker Analytics, we’ve been commited to make the app as easy to use as possible, and since a few months, we felt new users had trouble changing their session parameters. People already knowing the app well could also use something better. We had too many data at too many places, so we really wanted to make things better.

So we’ve decided to make dramatic changes and go for the simplest option: your session in one single screen. The data is now much easier to edit, and to look at.

On the feature side, there are three changes:

  • You have the ability to attach some hands to the session, as described in the post on hand histories.
  • You can now edit the duration of pauses. Just tap on the field, and put the duration of your pause in minutes. It is really useful when you play tournaments on several days.
  • You can add tips when you are playing live cash games.

There is also a new feature in your sessions list that can save you some time. We’ve added a way to duplicate your session. Long-tap a session’s cell to make a Duplicate button appear on the screen. Tap on it and get a session setup with the same parameters, you are ready to go!

Poker Analytics Bamboo Session Duplicate

Have a nice day at the tables!


Introducing Poker Analytics 3.0

Hello everybody!

Poker Analytics Bamboo has just been released on all App Store! We are really proud and incredibly excited about it.

When we started defining the content of Bamboo, we wanted to fill the gap of what we think should be a true mobile poker tracker. We also wanted to remove the clutter from the current version and push the user experience further. So there are some major visual changes but we think everybody will quickly feel at home.
We will make a series of posts to detail the new features of the app, for now you can already check the release note.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of all our loyal beta testers. You’ve put together more than 50 hours of tests on the beta, and we find that pretty impressive! Your feedback and testing have been awesome, so thank you very much everybody!

Besides making deep changes to the app, we are doing some cleanup to the Poker Analytics lineup on the App Store:

  • The full featured Poker Analytics will be renamed to Poker Analytics Pro.
  • Poker Analytics Regular no longer exists as an app. It is now available only as an in-app purchase in the free edition of Poker Analytics.
  • Poker Analytics Lite becomes Poker Analytics. We’ve decided to remove the LITE from the name bacause with hand histories as an unlimited feature and with the M-factor calculator, this edition becomes a real standalone app.

In that regard, we have a big announcement to make regarding the pricing and in-app purchases. We want Poker Analytics Pro to become the standard of mobile poker tracking, so starting today the app comes at $9.99 on the US App Store, check the price on your local store! We are also including the currency management in all versions!

The app has been translated in german, so check your settings!

Happy sessions!


A promising future?

This will be the final post of the challenge.

I’ve made just a few sessions since the last post and I’ve ended the challenge on Saturday. I’ve decided to mix four tables of NL5 with 2 tables of NL10 to try to speed things a bit. Actually things went ok on the NL10 tables but not so good at NL5. I’ve lost a bit at the end of the day, so here is the final screenshot of my bankroll:


It feels ok to look at this number, but when you look at the stats, it gets really lousy:


Yes I’ve played a lot, but let’s not forget that we have a huge 6.5% rake here in France. I’ve actually raked more than 325€ during the challenge. If we do the math I’ve cashed approximately one twelfth of my total earnings…but hey it’s good to make people work at Winamax, and some other for the ARJEL, isn’t it? Actually can someone build some kind of decentralized poker platform without rake please?

The overall performance chart:


What can we see here? We can discern a nice roller-coaster pattern, which is the the standard pattern for a pro like myself, so that’s a good sign…and what is also a good sign is that I’ve just reached the top of the mountain – it was really exhausting – and now I can finally start the next descent…

So that’s it for now guys, thanks for reading the challenge. Next post will probably be more Poker Analytics centric, but if you have any kind of wish about the app, please tell us!

See you on tables!