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The poker table brings many kinds of people together, each with the same goal, each with a different preparation.

Everyone has his own way to learn the game, from simply playing, to reading books, watching videos, getting coached, reviewing hands, or using apps to analyze their plays. Some prefer to just play, and some do it all.

Poker Analytics is a session poker tracker, specialized for live games - though perfectly suited for online players - which goal is to be the central hub of your poker life. It brings a complete set of tools, each specifically designed for the needs of poker players. The app tries to bring an experience as seamless as possible, while providing the most meaningful content.

Tracking in itself serves the purpose of collecting data to make you able to analyze it, but it comes with much more.

The act of starting logging is an indicator of the will to achieve an objective, and shows how serious one can be. Tracking makes you conscious of what you do, and develops your self awareness towards the game. It helps you think more about the game, it trains your brain without you realizing it, and it will keep you being honest with yourself.

Poker Analytics tries to serve this double interest at best and aims to create a generation of the best prepared players in the world.