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Become the poker player you want to be

Learn how much you win, make educated decisions about which games you should play, keep note of all the details that matters to get accountable and reach new levels.

Time has come to align your mindset with your goals.

The more serious you become about your game, the more you need the appropriate tools to assist you.
Poker Analytics has elite tracking capabilities that will cover all needs from novice players to top pros.

Statistics screen in Poker Analytics


Know exactly where you stand with all the stats and filters you need.
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Compare your data under all angles to find your strengths and weaknesses.
The best for live poker ★★★★★
This tracker is awesome. My favourite feature is the ability to input hands for later review, this is very well designed for super fast input. I'm a live pro and can't recommend this app enough. - Adam, Australia
Just awesome ★★★★★
I've had it for 3 years and I think it's probably saved me a couple grand. I track everything in it, profits, losses, tips...A recent report showed on my days off, I'm winning a lot. When I work then play, I lose. It crunches all the data into these awesome reports that are a gold mine. - Keith, USA
Best Poker Tracking App ★★★★★
I’ve used every poker tracking app and this is by far the best and offers the most robust features. 100% worth the money for a serious player who wants to track results. - Sophia, UK
Hand histories in Poker Analytics


Quickly record hand histories and review them later. Share by text or video.
Bankroll screen in Poker Analytics


Precisely keep track of your bankroll with currency management and custom transaction types.

Much more than poker

Record your bets, investments and your casino sessions with the same amazing reporting capabilities than our poker tools.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch extension for Poker Analytics
Start, stop and pause your sessions with the simple Apple Watch extension.
Offline first

Offline first

Access your data anytime, no internet access required.
Offline first


We know absolutely nothing of your results and don't sell your data.
Offline first


Your data is yours. Export it at anytime.


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