Poker Analytics Regular is here!

Let us introduce you our new app: Poker Analytics Regular. This app is a new affordable entry point to be able to track your poker results. Between the lite version and the pro version, you will find inside enough features to let you track and follow your results, as nicely and seriously as the pro […]

1.9.0 is out!

The new version of Poker Analytics is now available on iTunes. This new version contains mainly a longtime request from our users: the multiple currency management. This feature will let you have one main currency, which you can set in the “more” tab. Aside, each of your bankroll may have, if needed, a different currency. […]

Razmig’s Session #1 Summary

My first session of this challenge, sorry Laurent I’m late. So, we’ve decided to do this challenge and use our app great features to follow it. Self advertisement never hurts 🙂 My goal is to be able to play at NL20 with a good bankroll management, having more than 50 buy-ins. After creating my new […]