Poker Analytics 6.2

We’re very excited to release version 6.2 as we’ve done a major overhaul to the Reports tab.

There is now no need for you to dig in the reports to find out where you perform the best as Poker Analytics does the job for you. Poker Analytics shows you immediately what is your best game, your best location and so on…by total result and hourly rate. So when you add a new record, Poker Analytics will look for your best performance and will notify you when there is a new best! You’ll be able to adjust more quickly and make an even better table selection.

And there is more:

  • Your optimal cash game duration is finally displayed
  • No need to create your custom field reports as the app will look out for these too
  • You’ll see your best parameters not only all your sessions but for each of your dataset!

New best performances appears with a red dot

There are also a few minor improvements in the app:

  • You can now add options to your custom fields directly in the session
  • Badges have been added to the calendar tab when a month has ended

Let us know what you think of this version! You can contact us on social media, by mail or through the App Store.

The 53rd WSOP – The infographic

The WSOP are sadly already over, but we can rejoice to have a look at all the stats it brings us, and also notice how great the attendance was this year!

Here is the link of last year’s infographic, if you want to compare the stats. We’ve seen an increase of nearly 50% in total number of entries and prizepool.

As expected, more people makes winning two bracelets more difficult, a feature only three players made this year. Same with the most final tables count, capped at 4 this year, far from the sick Phil Hellmuth run of 7 last year.


Poker stories : Jack of diamondz

Tell us about yourself and where are you’re from?

I was born in Dominica 🇩🇲, it’s a small little Caribbean island not many people know about, the population is about 80,000. I moved to Canada when I was about 2-3 months old with my mother. My life was never easy growing up as an immigrant and being with a single parent, but it helped me mature faster at a young age. I’m a very ambitious person, I like to set unrealistic goals and push the barriers of my limitations. 

How did you start, and since when are you playing poker?

I started playing poker when I was 20 years old. I was working at a bar in my neighbourhood in Lasalle called Altima. My cousin was the manager there so he got me a job making pizzas. Every Sunday he would have poker nights at the back to help promote the bar. They were playing $20 tournaments, that was the first time I got expose to game. 

Do you or did you play professionally and at what stakes?

I wouldn’t say I’m a professional, but I’m very competitive and I play to win. I have played poker as a main source of income and have done well for myself. I tore a tendon in my knee about 4-5 years ago, and I couldn’t walk for about 4 months. That’s when I decided to go all in and play 100% serious, at that time I could only afford to play 1/2 Hold’em. I worked my way up and now I’m playing 10/25 consistently now. 

How did you improve your game to go from 1/2 to 10/25?

I’ve improve my game by playing, studying strategies and discussing poker hands with better players. I knew a couple of grinders that were actually making a living playing 1/2 and started to pick their brains and learned from them. But it gets to a point after all the knowledge you obtain, the best way to improve is putting in the work! You need to put in the volume and play to see what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve logged more than 20,000 hours playing cash game Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha together. 

You’ve been hosting games, how did it came up?

I got in the business when I started playing  private games and started to analyze how the operation works. I used to work at poker house as a valet so I knew a lot of clients because I used to park there cars and had conversations with them about poker. When I decided to host a game it was an easy transition for me because I had a base of players and friends to work with. I decided to leave the business last year because I felt like I got the most out of it financially wise and it’s a very difficult lifestyle to keep up. I wanted more of a healthier lifestyle for myself.

What have been your biggest struggle in poker?

My biggest struggle in poker was not having the support of my family and friends at the beginning. It’s not the traditional route of how things are done in our society, so at beginning when I was going through my learning curve phase and busting my bankroll constantly, it was hard to remain dedicated and locked in when everyone is doubting you.

What advice would you give someone that want to become pro?

If you’re not willing to lose sleep and dedicate your life into the game, don’t waste your time. Gambling is a tough field only 5% of poker players win consistently. You need to be mentally strong to do this for a living. 

Do you have a cool story that happened at the tables?

I got this one hand early in my poker career that gave me the confidence to know that I was finally breaking through. I was playing 1/2 Hold’em at Casino of Montreal at like around 4am at night. I built a nice stack of $650 and I got into a hand with a maniac drunk guy.

I had AhKh flop 2 over + flush draw. We got to the river and I missed everything and the maniac shoved me all in and half my money was in the pot. At that time I was playing with my life roll and bankroll, so I didn’t have a lot of money. I tanked for a while, and I just made the right poker decision and didn’t think of the money. I toss in a chip to call, and I was right! I ended up winning $1300+ with AK high. That was the first time I made that much money playing poker with AK high. That gave me a lot of confidence moving forward, thinking that I might really be able to do this for real!

Has COVID affected your activities?

Covid was a blessing for me, I hosted a game during that time and everything closed down,  so I was in the right place at the right time. My life was a movie was during those times hahaha! 

Would you mind sharing one story from these times?

During Covid all the casinos and poker rooms closed down, so there was a huge demand for poker. I already had a game running even when the casinos were open. The business picked up and I was running like 3-4 times a week. I started to make more money, so I wanted a bigger spot. I landed a deal to get a penthouse to host my games. The grand opening was like a scene in the casino movie, we had beautiful women, private chef, bartenders and security. There was 4 tables running at the same time! I never thought I would get to that level of hosting, I just did it as a side gig. That was nice feeling to be apart of that atmosphere. 

Thanks for these cool stories Jack!

You can follow jackofdiamondz on instagram.

Poker Analytics 6.1

We’ve just released Poker Analytics 6.1 with a few novelties.

Filters editing

You can now edit or see the content of your filters. There a couple of ways to do that. Either you tap on the gear button when you have activated a filter:

Otherwise, when you’re inside the Filter screen, tap on All Filters:

And then tap on the gear next to the filter you want to see:

Hand history action keyboard

We’ve updated the action keyboard in the hand histories to make all the actions visible at all times, to make it easier for your brain to remember the position of the items.

Invalid options are greyed out

Bets: new statistics

We’ve added your record and the average odds to the list of available stats when you check your bets statistics.

That’s it for the new version! If you have some feedback to make we’re all ears!

Poker Analytics 6 Release Note

We’re so glad to end this long development run and bring you Poker Analytics 6 for iOS today!

New content

Bets, casino, investments

If you’re not interested by one of these new type of data, don’t select the module and you’ll keep a lighter UI.

Many subscribers here have various activities worthy of being tracked as it involves their finances, and as usual for that kind of activity, tracking is the best way to know exactly where you stand and having a responsible approach.

That’s why, now with Poker Analytics 6, you’ll be able to track your casino sessions, as well as your bets and investments!

Coming with logging these activities are of course the traditional reporting capabilities of Poker Analytics, so you’ll get statistics, graphics, filters, custom reports and most of the data visualization you already know and love!

Custom datasets

Deriving from this first novelty, we needed a way for you to navigate between all kinds of data, so we’re introducing dataset, a way to easily switch between the statistics of your most important data.

Create your own permanent datasets!

Data sets are really a super convenient tool. Not only will you be able to quickly switch from poker to bets data, but you’ll be able to create the data sets you want and also attach some filters! Let’s say you’re often comparing statistics between your games at the Bellagio or the Wynn, or you like to switch between live and online, or maybe want to have a permanent set for this year’s WSOP, all these use cases are now possible!

Custom field statistics

We’ve been asked since a long time to get statistics for custom fields, and it’s finally here! Custom fields using numbers can now have their sum and average displayed in the stats screen, and you can have graphs for those stats!

Enable the sum and/or the average of the custom fields you want

We’re enabling those stats by default for your existing custom fields, but you can select the stats that really interest you and disable the ones that do not make sense.

Transaction filters

Another long asked feature is the ability to compare gross and net results. It’s now possible to filter in or out the various transactions you enter in the app, all at once or one by one.

Typically, you’ll be able to see the impact of tips on your hourly, or see how much you truly win during your poker trips by deducting all your expenses.

Players improvements

We’ve been improving note taking in multiple ways. Now you’ll be able to find the players you play against in a quicker fashion as the players you’re playing with and players from your location will be put up front.

Tap and hold to move a player at the correct seat

You’ll also get access to a virtual table view that will let you better see where the players are and have an easier time attaching notes to them.

Flexible blinds

Now whether your stakes only have one blind, or four, or just antes, or both, there will be no issue entering the information with the new dedicated keyboard!


Quick stop

Quick stop is a button you’ll find in each session’s row letting you end a session without going inside the session screen. You should particularly enjoy the feature if you’re multi-tabling online!

Tap on the right button to insta-stop the session

Default Buy-ins

The buy-ins shortcut can finally be edited to put your default rebuy amount!

Tap on the gear to edit your prefered value

Bankroll transfers

You can now make bankroll transfers to move money from one bankroll to another. Just create a new transaction and select Transfer to make a new one!

Select the Transfer type when creating a new transaction

Bankroll initial value

Bankrolls can now be initialized with a value, which will be an easier way to set them up.

New filters

Filters on comments and breaks are now available. Filters for bets, casino sessions and investments are of course available.


Bankrolls can now be setup with many cryptocurrencies and the automatic rate conversion is available.

Session mass edit

The mass edit feature is now pretty hidden as it requires to be in Feed tab, with a poker session dataset, and to tap 3 times on the screen title. We’ve added the ability to edit stakes and limit for your session selection, as well as a mass delete.

Tap on the “Feed” title three times, but don’t forget to select a poker dataset!


You’ll also notice that we’ve refreshed the user interface, and you’ll probably find small improvements here and there that aren’t really worth mentioning. Many bugs have been fixed but it is possible that some new ones remain, so we’re counting on you to tell us about them!


Some of our most hardcore users crossed the 10,000 sessions mark inside the app. Our first performance benchmarks in 2011 targeted such volume and the app did fine, but in some scenario where we have a lot of multitabling the app was slowing down a bit too much and it didn’t feel acceptable any more to have the app taking that much time to compute stats. We’re pretty happy to announce that we’ve improved the computation times so you’ll be able to relax and log more and more sessions for a long time!

That’s it for now! We really hope you’ll crush the tables and get to the top! Also, please tell us about the app when you’ll have the chance, we’re always craving to hear you.