What’s new on Android?

We’ve made a couple recent releases on Android, so here are the novelties: You can create transfers between bankrolls when you create a transaction The Reports tab has been entirely refactored to quickly show you – and also notify you – where you perform the best You can include some transaction types in the calculations […]

Android 5.0

Hello dear players, we’re glad to announce the release of a new amazing major version of Poker Analytics for Android. A release very much oriented around hand histories, but not entirely! Here is what’s new: Hand history recording Hand history replayer Hand history video export Cash game stop notifications Hand Recording To develop the recorder, […]

Hand Recording on Android!

We’re very excited to launch a public beta today with the new amazing hand recorder! We took the best from the iOS app and improved it to record hands even faster. If you’re not interested in the short read just go ahead and download the beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.pokeranalytics.android What’s new compared to the iOS version? You […]

Version 2.0 for Android

We’re super excited to bring this new major release of the Android app! We continue the path to close the gap with the iOS app, so we’re bringing today the major missing features on the reporting side. We’re very happy about what we’re adding because we feel all the experience we have creates a better […]


That’s official: we have a presence on Google Play, meaning Poker Analytics is available on Android! We’ve just released a first version of Poker Analytics on the platform that can be downloaded right now! But please, before downloading, continue the read, this is important. This first version is incomplete compared to what we currently have […]