A promising future?

This will be the final post of the challenge. I’ve made just a few sessions since the last post and I’ve ended the challenge on Saturday. I’ve decided to mix four tables of NL5 with 2 tables of NL10 to try to speed things a bit. Actually things went ok on the NL10 tables but […]

A much needed update on the challenge

Hey guys, Sorry for not posting since a long time. I’ve been a week off, and I did play a bit, but the context wasn’t appropriate to write. So let’s summarize what happened. First of all, after the last post, things went south again badly. I don’t remember the key points of the losing streak, […]

Back into the game

The week end has been great! I had a really nice winning streak…until my short session of yesterday night when I was tired. But nonetheless I’ve won about 10 buy-ins since my last post. Playing with a good night sleep is really important for me, I think it explains my wins and losses since the […]

It came hard

I’ve not written in a few days because not because I didn’t want to, but because I really didn’t want to. Yes it’s been a freefall to hell. It has been tough not only because I played bad but also because luck has not been on my side. But hey I’ve been rather lucky in […]