Poker stories : Jack of diamondz

Tell us about yourself and where are you’re from? I was born in Dominica 🇩🇲, it’s a small little Caribbean island not many people know about, the population is about 80,000. I moved to Canada when I was about 2-3 months old with my mother. My life was never easy growing up as an immigrant […]

Poker Analytics 6.1 on iOS

We’ve released Poker Analytics 6.1 on iOS. Here is what’s new in a very short version: you can now edit filters, the action keyboard for hand history has been reworked and there are new stats for your bets. Check out the release note on the blog home page for more details!

Poker Analytics 6.1

We’ve just released Poker Analytics 6.1 with a few novelties. Filters editing You can now edit or see the content of your filters. There a couple of ways to do that. Either you tap on the gear button when you have activated a filter: Otherwise, when you’re inside the Filter screen, tap on All Filters: […]