Adding past sessions

Adding a past session in Poker Analytics is definitely possible, and it’s also pretty simple! It starts with creating, as usual, the session of your choice, cash game or tournament. Then, things will be slightly different whether you’re on iOS or Android. iOS Tap on date Select the start date of the session Select the […]

PIN Code

Note: This feature is available only on iOS at the moment Poker Analytics can provide you with an additional level of data protection. As poker results can be sensitive, and depending on your willingness to share them, you can protect your access to the app with a PIN code. What is very important to know […]

Data import

Poker data has never been truly formalized, and every tool has its on way of expressing session data. Your poker data is (or should be!) yours, and it should be as easy as possible to move between apps. Switching apps can be tricky, and we try to do our best to accept as many data […]


In Poker Analytics, since a long time ago, you have the ability to use multiple currencies. Here is how it works: You have a default display currency. When we calculate results from multiple bankrolls with different currencies, we use your default currency. For example, when looking at your Stats screen, we use that one. To […]