Back into the game

The week end has been great! I had a really nice winning streak…until my short session of yesterday night when I was tired. But nonetheless I’ve won about 10 buy-ins since my last post. Playing with a good night sleep is really important for me, I think it explains my wins and losses since the […]

It came hard

I’ve not written in a few days because not because I didn’t want to, but because I really didn’t want to. Yes it’s been a freefall to hell. It has been tough not only because I played bad but also because luck has not been on my side. But hey I’ve been rather lucky in […]

Yes it came

After the lovely green sessions, you always expect the ugly red sessions to come. You can expect bad beats, but you don’t expect to play bad. You say to yourself: yeah they got lucky, yeah they played terrible, yeah I’m much better than they are and I should own the limit. But actually you play […]

Laurent’s Sessions #2 And #3

I’ve played two sessions yesterday. The results are alright, however I’m not satisfied with the way I played. I got pretty lucky on the first two sessions and ended way above my EV. I also started to loosen my game, I just did the opposite of what I said earlier: often fold on 3-bets. I […]