What’s new on Android?

We’ve made a couple recent releases on Android, so here are the novelties: You can create transfers between bankrolls when you create a transaction The Reports tab has been entirely refactored to quickly show you – and also notify you – where you perform the best You can include some transaction types in the calculations […]

Poker Analytics 6.2

We’re very excited to release version 6.2 as we’ve done a major overhaul to the Reports tab. There is now no need for you to dig in the reports to find out where you perform the best as Poker Analytics does the job for you. Poker Analytics shows you immediately what is your best game, […]

The 53rd WSOP – The infographic

The WSOP are sadly already over, but we can rejoice to have a look at all the stats it brings us, and also notice how great the attendance was this year! Here is the link of last year’s infographic, if you want to compare the stats. We’ve seen an increase of nearly 50% in total […]

Poker stories : Jack of diamondz

Tell us about yourself and where are you’re from? I was born in Dominica 🇩🇲, it’s a small little Caribbean island not many people know about, the population is about 80,000. I moved to Canada when I was about 2-3 months old with my mother. My life was never easy growing up as an immigrant […]