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Your game, your history, your legacy.

The title might be a little too much, but even if the subject is not the most interesting, it’s definitely one of the most important, that’s why we’ve decided to write a post about data in our favorite app.

Becoming a Poker Analytics Pro user is most of the time a sign that you are a very serious poker player. You care about the game, about tracking your results, and analyzing your data, and you chose Poker Analytics to build the data about your sessions, and we thank you again for that.

Your data is very precious, and need to be safe. In our space, multiple parties are involved: you, the people around you, us, and Apple. Each is fallible, everyone can make or mistake, or be unlucky, and your data can be lost. You can erase the app, someone can delete your data by accident, Poker Analytics might have a bug or lightnings could hit Apple data centers.

These unfortunate stories are rare but they do happen, and you don’t want to be sorry when your data is lost. So it is important to take action to avoid such events.

There are multiple ways to do that:

File Export in Poker Analytics:

  • XML files that contains everything but custom reports, filters and hand histories. These files can be imported back into Poker Analytics.
  • If you export your data using the “to iCloud” option, your XMLs will be available to all your devices connected to the same iCloud account through Poker Analytics.
  • As a reminder, the exported CSV files only contains your sessions and they cannot be imported back into Poker Analytics.

iCloud backup in Poker Analytics:

  • You can enable iCloud synchronization by going in the More tab, then Settings > iCloud synchronization. This will send your data to Apple servers and allow you to retrieve it if something happens to your phone.

iOS iCloud Backup

  • Very useful, you don’t need to connect to iTunes, the backup is done automatically whenever your iPhone’s is plugged to the charger. You won’t need iTunes to restore from iCloud either, everything will be available through the device.

iTunes backups:

  • By plugging your iPhone to your computer you can activate automatic backups.

We recommend you to regularly save data exports. You simply can send yourself a “bug report” from Poker Analytics using the so-called option in the More tab > Settings. It will export your data in XML and open a mail. Just add your email in place of ours and you’ve got a quick way to save your data.

You can also export to your computer and save it on some cloud of your preference, and to use automatic iTunes backups. Every opportunity to save your data should be taken. Anything can happen to your phone, your computer, or to some data centers so you should limit all the risks.

Ask yourself what would happen if you lost your data now and take action, and then have lots of fun at the tables!


The Twitch Revolution

Poker is undergoing a major change. Players have started streaming while playing. Twitch, the gaming streaming platform, is the go to choice for players wanting to showcase their skills.

We’ve selected for you the biggest names and their twitch accounts if you are craving to watch poker, so here are some of the best streams:

  • Greg Merson, 2012 WSOP Main Event Champion
  • Jason Somerville, nominee for Poker’s Best Ambassador at the 2015 American Poker Awards
  • Elky, triple crown winner

Some other notable accounts:

Also note that 2+2  also displays live streams in the right column of its pages.

If you are aware of other great streams, please notify us!

A couple of news

This is a quick post to tell you about a few things going around in the Poker Analytics galaxy.

We’ve published “The New Face of Poker”, an article about how the industry is changing for the good. We hope you will enjoy the read and tell us about it.

Also, we’re currently thinking about the roadmap of the app, so we are all ears for your input. You can choose the medium of your choice to contact us.

A few month ago we’ve made a price change on the App Store, currently at $27.99 for the US. We’ve been doing this obviously to increase our income, but also because we definitely believe that Poker Analytics is by far the best poker tracking app of the market. We want to app to stay that way.

However, we still need your help, so please tell your love of the app at the poker tables and tell everybody how you couldn’t live without it. Your comments on the App Store are always greatly appreciated by everybody in the team! It is a real pleasure to read them all.

Thanks for reading us!



Poker Analytics and Data safety

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to explain everything that happened in the last week about the iCloud Sync critical bug which went live with 3.1, hot fixed in 3.1.1 and cleaned up in 3.2

In Bamboo, we wanted to add iCloud Sync. For multiple reasons:
– xml export/import is a nice way to keep your data safe but it implies an update each time we update the data base. For exemple, Hand History gets a bunch of new fields in the data base and if we want to have them handled by the xml system, we had to write some code.
– xml export/import is not the way to sync data between multiple devices
– xml files can be lost
– xml export was not automated

For all of that, and because technically, Apple mades a great step forward between the first release of iCloud and iOS 7’s version of iCloud, we’ve said: ok let’s add this feature.

Everything went well from the release of bamboo until end of June. iCloud Sync was able to maintain your data in a safe place, let’s you have your data up to date on a new device or multiple devices at the same time. It was giving us the possibility to not update XML export/import to handle our data base updates.

Then 3.1 brought a data base update and did create a situation we didn’t seen before. iCloud Sync had a specific way to handle data base update and by a combination of two different bugs, the terrible “popup” started to appear. Telling you a iCloud back-up was found and asking you if you want to use it or not although you had your data up to date and didn’t need to see that popup.

If you answered “yes use it”, the popup keeps spamming you, and if you answered “no”, the app started to move your data in local and delete your iCloud data. Because this popup wasn’t planned to be displayed in this situation, any of the answer weren’t good for your data.

We discovered the bug a couple of hours after the 3.1 went live, due to a bug report. After another couple of hours, this “isolated bug”, as we thought in the beginning, was reproduced by another user. And finally we discovered it could be a general one.

We removed the app from the store 24 hours after the 3.1 release and submitted a 3.1.1 at the same time, asking Apple an “expedite review” for the first time. Normally, a review is 5 business day. An expedite review took 24h. So 48 hours after 3.1, a 3.1.1 went live avoiding any data deletion.

Then we worked a week to understand better what was wrong and discovered the bug combination: data base update and popup display at the wrong time. We corrected that situation in 3.2

Now iCloud Sync is working well and were able to retrieve the data to all (except two) the lost data from the users which contacted us.

This situation helped us to better understand the value of Poker Analytics data for our users and let us thought about what we can do to avoid any data deletion (and not just from our bugs).

So we will bring in the next release an automatic xml export of your data after ending a new session. This backup will be done in the background and will be another good protection for your data. This feature should be live with 3.2.1 version.

Poker Analytics’ Team

Poker Analytics Regular is here!

Let us introduce you our new app: Poker Analytics Regular. This app is a new affordable entry point to be able to track your poker results.

Between the lite version and the pro version, you will find inside enough features to let you track and follow your results, as nicely and seriously as the pro version.

However, if you feel you need more, like all the reports, complete statistics, coaching screens, etc. you will be able to buy, as in-app purchase, the features you need or directly upgrade to the pro version.

One more thing: we also decided to enable a donation system, if you feel we deserve it, we’ve added three special in-app purchase which let you donate toward your beloved developers.

Have fun at the tables.

1.9.0 is out!

The new version of Poker Analytics is now available on iTunes. This new version contains mainly a longtime request from our users: the multiple currency management.

This feature will let you have one main currency, which you can set in the “more” tab. Aside, each of your bankroll may have, if needed, a different currency.

Each of them will have a rate and this rate will be set either automatically using google rate service or manually by yourself.

The stats and reports will all be displayed using the main currency and the rate will be used to calculate the numbers from your “foreign” bankrolls.

After some thought, we decide to make this feature as a in-app purchase. This is our first step into this new way of financing our day to day work.

That’s why we also decide to create a new stand-alone version of poker analytics, cheaper but with fewer features. All the “pro” features will be available as in-app purchases. More on that in the next blog post.

Have fun at the tables.

A much needed update on the challenge

Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting since a long time. I’ve been a week off, and I did play a bit, but the context wasn’t appropriate to write. So let’s summarize what happened. First of all, after the last post, things went south again badly. I don’t remember the key points of the losing streak, because I was probably playing awfully, and I didn’t write about it, but apparently I tried to, I just realized that I started a post named “Back into hell” with two sentences…

So it went bad, and then good again, and finally things are not very interesting because I am approximately at the same level as I was in my last post…


But it is important to notice that I went from +35 to -40, which is a great performance…And I think at that point when I hit the bottom, and that my back was against the wall, I finally realized I needed to adjust my game. I think that the main issue with my game was to try to win some pots at any costs, and when you fail again and again it doesn’t look good at all. Actually you can simply give up those spots without losing too much and wait for better ones.

I started my vacations approximately after hitting the low point of the chart. During that week I played on my laptop, so I played on 4 tables rather than my usual 6 because the screen is really small, and even 4 tables is not really comfortable…I decided to make a report on Poker Analytics to see what was the difference in terms of hour rates when playing a different number of tables. This is a feature I really love in the app, the ability to create reports using comparators. I just have to select the hour rate as a statistic I want to watch, the number of tables as a comparator, and here I have a report that I can analyze either in a table or in a chart:



So 4 tables looks much better, and 9 are not that good. But at that point I am not sure if the volume of play is enough to make it a real statement.

There another thing I tried to apply recently, to avoid being on tilt, is the famous Ivey’s rule: stop after losing two buy-ins. It’s pretty simple and efficient, but it’s important to stick to it. I never really applied it, and I should have, because when I start losing I lose bad as we can already see in my net result chart. I applied the rule twice since I started to get back on tracks, and it’s probably a good thing.

That’s it for now, the challenge finishes at the end of the week. I probably won’t reach NL10 at that point, but I can say now that finishing above zero would be good anyway.

Shuffle up and deal!


this is the first post of the new Poker Analytics blog! We are opening this blog to talk about Poker Analytics of course, but also because we are going to have a poker bankroll challenge with Razmig in the coming days.

The layout of the blog isn’t exactly in tune with the site because we are working on a new version of the site, and also because we really wanted to be able to post about the challenge quickly.

We will soon write on the details of the challenge.

That’s it for the first post, see you later!