A promising future?

This will be the final post of the challenge.

I’ve made just a few sessions since the last post and I’ve ended the challenge on Saturday. I’ve decided to mix four tables of NL5 with 2 tables of NL10 to try to speed things a bit. Actually things went ok on the NL10 tables but not so good at NL5. I’ve lost a bit at the end of the day, so here is the final screenshot of my bankroll:


It feels ok to look at this number, but when you look at the stats, it gets really lousy:


Yes I’ve played a lot, but let’s not forget that we have a huge 6.5% rake here in France. I’ve actually raked more than 325€ during the challenge. If we do the math I’ve cashed approximately one twelfth of my total earnings…but hey it’s good to make people work at Winamax, and some other for the ARJEL, isn’t it? Actually can someone build some kind of decentralized poker platform without rake please?

The overall performance chart:


What can we see here? We can discern a nice roller-coaster pattern, which is the the standard pattern for a pro like myself, so that’s a good sign…and what is also a good sign is that I’ve just reached the top of the mountain – it was really exhausting – and now I can finally start the next descent…

So that’s it for now guys, thanks for reading the challenge. Next post will probably be more Poker Analytics centric, but if you have any kind of wish about the app, please tell us!

See you on tables!