Bamboo Other New Features

Hey there, this is the fifth and final post introducing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo. We still have a few in the basket so here they are:

Tabs reorganization
We were getting a bit frustrated from the lack of width on the main screens, so we have adopted the more standard horizontal tabs that you can find in many iOS apps. With hands histories, we weren’t sure which four tabs you would like to have at all times in Poker Analytics, so we have added the ability to reorganize the tabs the way that best suits you. You can do that in the More tab and then press Edit, the app will automatically save the new order.

Poker Analytics tabs

Best performances
There is a new tab called Top 10, which shows you your 10 best performances in cash and tournament. Take on the world and make a new entry!

Poker Analytics best performances

Monthly net result
In your sessions history, you’ll be able to look at your performance month by month. As simple as that!

Now you know everything about all the new features of Poker Analytics Bamboo! We hope you love it as much as we do! We still have a lot of pleasure hearing from you so give us your feedback.

See you!