A couple of news

This is a quick post to tell you about a few things going around in the Poker Analytics galaxy.

We’ve published “The New Face of Poker”, an article about how the industry is changing for the good. We hope you will enjoy the read and tell us about it.

Also, we’re currently thinking about the roadmap of the app, so we are all ears for your input. You can choose the medium of your choice to contact us.

A few month ago we’ve made a price change on the App Store, currently at $27.99 for the US. We’ve been doing this obviously to increase our income, but also because we definitely believe that Poker Analytics is by far the best poker tracking app of the market. We want to app to stay that way.

However, we still need your help, so please tell your love of the app at the poker tables and tell everybody how you couldn’t live without it. Your comments on the App Store are always greatly appreciated by everybody in the team! It is a real pleasure to read them all.

Thanks for reading us!