That’s official: we have a presence on Google Play, meaning Poker Analytics is available on Android!

We’ve just released a first version of Poker Analytics on the platform that can be downloaded right now!

But please, before downloading, continue the read, this is important.

This first version is incomplete compared to what we currently have on iOS. Why? Because we want you to be able to track your sessions right now. Also, this first version already has a decent and exciting batch of reporting features.

Poker Analytics on iOS works with yearly subscriptions. The pricing will be the same, on the basis of USD29.99 for an unlimited use.

However, as the app is currently incomplete, we will distribute it for free! At some point though, a subscription will be required to continue tracking your sessions. Without a subscription, you will still be able to consult your statistics and use all reports. Your data stays in the app.

So here is what you’re getting right now:

  • Tracking: you can fill the app with your cash games and tournaments, past or present.
  • Stats: You have access to the key statistics of all your sessions, also filtered by cash game and tournaments. Plus, you’ll be able to see your beautiful data in graphs!
  • Calendar: The amazing Calendar tab from the recent Poker Analytics 5 on iOS is shipped in this very first version! Any stat, by month or year, in a single view, along the detailed report of each period of time.
  • Reports: The great comparison reports that allow you to quickly see your strengths and weaknesses are also shipped with this first version.

We will not stop here! What’s our plan for the near future:

  • Finish the filters, which will allow you to filter your session list, and stats, by any criteria
  • Build the complete Bankroll UI to allow you to add transactions, and check your bankroll breakdown

Later, still a lot to add but notably:

  • Hand history recorder, we have ideas to make it even better!
  • Synchronization between devices

So here is the link to download the app, we hope you’ll enjoy it and we hope to hear your feedback on the app!

Wishing you the best at the tables!