Poker Analytics 5.3

Some new stuff in this very cool release!

The release is currently only for iOS but Android will come later.

We have a couple of new features inside the Calendar:

Grid calendar

You can now easily have a look at your poker winning and losing days, or months, and better analyze where your winning, or losing streaks come from. You might also understand that taking a break might be beneficial as you play most days. There is lots to learn from the new grid calendar!

Calendar new data sets

Also in the “traditional” calendar will you see new buttons and row:

  • Now you get to look at all your data if you want to, using the new All tab at the top of the screen
  • Inside the Month and Year tabs, you’ll get a new line at the top to see your current last timespan

Feed: new, new buttons!

Once again, We’ve decided to change the way you add data, for two reasons:

One, to give more space to data inside the feed.

Two, we wanted to stop managing two ways of displaying add buttons, and wanted to add more data types to make important stuff easier to access.

We hope you won’t mind this new change!

That’s pretty much it for the major changes, but we’ve also updated most images used inside the app! You can already see the some changes in the screenshots above. We hope you’ll love them as we believe they look better and/or have a better meaning.

Please give us your feedback through our various channels, and please go crush the tables!

Last note: We’re very fond of seeing our app used so we encourage you to post whatever you’re comfortable with and tag us on the platform of your choice!