Poker Analytics 6.2

We’re very excited to release version 6.2 as we’ve done a major overhaul to the Reports tab. There is now no need for you to dig in the reports to find out where you perform the best as Poker Analytics does the job for you. Poker Analytics shows you immediately what is your best game, […]

Sad day today :(

On our happy quest to continuously bring you the best poker tracker with the new version 4.7, we’ve seen our release held several days by the App Store submission review team, to finally see it rejected for our Health Kit usage. Today we’re using the iOS Health Kit framework to bring you reports that uses […]

Poker Analytics 4.5

We’re happy to release this new version of Poker Analytics! Let’s be honest with each other, no major feature for this release, but a lot of small features that should ease your life. We won’t list them all but here are the most important ones: Your filters are now automatically sorted by usage. The more […]