WSOP 2021 Day 50 Digest

67$10,000Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship🇦🇹 Koray Aldemir$8,000,000
75$1,500Event #75: Freezeout No-Limit Holdem🇺🇸 Chad Himmelspach$270,877
77$1,500Event #77: FIFTY STACK No-Limit Hold’em🇧🇷 Paulo Joanello$321,917

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

Koray Aldemir is, without much surprise on paper, our 2021 Main Event champion! That said, he had to battle against hard George Holmes (2nd, $4,3M) who even took the chip lead at some point during the heads-up and played brilliantly all day. Jack Oliver from England took the 3rd place for $3M.

“I was pretty stressed to be honest,” Aldemir said about losing the chip lead. “After 10 days of poker, especially the last five or six days were all super stressful. Not a lot of sleep, like five hours a day. All those people watching me play. It’s not easy. Respect to all the other players too who all played great. Crazy experience.”

Koray Aldemir won his first bracelet and now sits in 67th place in the all time money list with $20M, passing fellow German players of the likes of Dominik Nitsche and Ole Schemion.

Event #75: Freezeout No-Limit Holdem

In the $1,500 event #75, Chad Himmelspach won his first first bracelet and a lovely $270,877 prize generated by 1,191 players. He ended up taking the win after a roller-coaster three hours heads-up battle against Germany’s Stefan Reiser.

“It was a really back and forth heads-up match, but, you know, we came through and had to stick it out. It’s just a mindset,” he said. “You’re never really out of it. You always have a chance, you know. A chip and a chair. And you’ve just got to battle. It’s a battle, you’ve got to battle it out and you can’t give up.”

Chad Himmelspach

Event #77: FIFTY STACK No-Limit Hold’em

Paulo Joanello topped a field of 1,501 players to grab his first WSOP gold bracelet in the $1,500 event and earn $321,917. Joanello best live cash until then was $3,676 in Event #75 this year, so the win is quite the big deal for the player.

“Today, I ran good. It feels awesome”, Joanello declared after his victory. It’s a dream, a dream come true. I have no voice left because I was yelling, but it’s a dream for all of us.”

Paulo Joanello

Here are the notables finishes in all these events:

🇺🇸 Chance Kornuth16th$305,00067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship
🇵🇹 Joao Vieira34th$6,88075$1,500 Event #75: Freezeout No-Limit Holdem
🇺🇸 Nick Petrangelo45th$163,90067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship
🇬🇧 Stephen Chidwick89th$68,90067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship
🇩🇪 Rainer Kempe169th$2,62577$1,500 Event #77: FIFTY STACK No-Limit Hold’em
🇺🇸 Jason Koon194th$44,20067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship
🇵🇹 Joao Vieira224th$2,40077$1,500 Event #77: FIFTY STACK No-Limit Hold’em
🇺🇸 Marle Cordeiro227th$38,60067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship
🇺🇸 Matt Berkey264th$38,60067$10,000 Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

WSOP 2021 Day 49 Digest

70$888Event #70: CRAZY EIGHTS No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed🇺🇸 David Moses$888,888
74$2,500Event #74: Mixed Big Bet Event🇷🇺 Denis Strebkov$117,898
76$10,000Event #76: Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em (freezeout)🇫🇷 Romain Lewis$463,885

Event #70: CRAZY EIGHTS No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed

The $888 tournament attracted 5,252 entries and finally crowned David Moses yesterday who won his first bracelet. He defeated Sejin Park, winner of 2019’s Colossus in heads-up, and earned the coveted $888,888 prize. This allow him to pass the $1M mark in total live earnings.

David Moses

Event #74: Mixed Big Bet Event

Russia’s Denis Strebkov won his second bracelet in the $2,500 event in his first cash this year. His first bracelet was the $3,000 HORSE (Event #87) two years ago.

“I like the mixed format because I play a lot of games,” Strebkov told after the win. “I play a lot of mixed. I don’t like to play hold’em but I like some other games where you can play a lot of hands and have more fun.”

Denis Strebkov

Event #76: Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em (freezeout)

French pro Romain Lewis finally grabbed his first bracelet in this $10k Super Turbo event after having multiple 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The player now has close to $3M in total live earnings with this $463,885 prize.

“All the different deep runs I made a couple of years ago, I was so happy with those results, but when I looked back a few years later, I was like wow bracelets are not that easy. These spots don’t come that often. It’s been a ten-year dream and I put a five or six-year objective to win one and for it to happen now…it makes me ecstatic it really does.”

He successfully defeated Aditya Agarwal who started the day with a huge stack and ended 2nd, and also denied Stephen Chidwick (3rd) a second bracelet. Also close from the win were Dario Sammartino (6th), Yevgeniy Timoshenko (7th) and Rainer Kempe (9th).

Romain Lewis

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

It took seven hours to get down to three players as six players saw their dream crushed: Joshua Remitio (4th – $2,3M), Ozgur Secilmis (5th – $1,8M), Hye Park (6th – $1,4M), Alejandro Lococo (7th – $1,2M), Jareth East (8th – $1,1M), and Chase Bianchi (9th – $1M).

The final nine

We’re now left with Koray Aldemir with a huge chip lead with nearly two thirds of the chips (264M), followed by Jack Oliver (77M) and George Holmes (57M). All three have secured a decent $3M prize and $8M will go to the winner.

In terms of skill, Koray Aldemir probably has what it takes to get the crown with $12M in total live earnings, Jack Oliver having $117k and George Holmes, who only plays the Main Event besides playing home games, with a $50k cash two years ago.

George Holmes and Chase Bianchi

See you tomorrow for the end of the show!


WSOP 2021 Day 48 Digest

8$7,777Online Event #8: Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em High Roller🇪🇪 Aleksejs Ponakovs$432,491
9$777Online Event #9: Lucky 7’s No Limit Hold’em🇧🇬 Yuliyan Kolev$146,163

Online Event #8: Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em High Roller

Aleksejs “APonakov” Ponakovs from Estonia won the $7,777 High Roller on The player beat a field of 183 entries and 47 rebuys to grab the $432,491 top prize. A well deserved victory in a shark filled environment as many top pros were playing, including Dylan Linde (5th), Rainer Kempe (6th), Ali Imsirovic (17th) and Jason Koon (20th).

Aleksejs Ponakovs

Online Event #9: Lucky 7’s No Limit Hold’em

The smaller version of the High Roller attracted 732 players who rebought 390 times to generate a 1,122 entries field. The trophy went to Yuliyan “Dr.Feelg00da” Kolev who cashed a decent $146,163 and a bracelet. The player is no stranger from the felt as he has $1,6M in total live earnings since 2010.

Yuliyan Kolev

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

It’s already day 7 in Main Event and we’re getting closer and closer from crowning a new champion! The final table has been set meaning all nine players have secured $1M!

George Holmes (2nd) with a single hendonmob line in 2019’s Main Event

Koray Aldemir will come back as a favorite with his huge 140M / 175BB stack. He’s followed by George Holmes, also in a decent spot, as he sits with more than double the stack of his followers with 80M. Day 6 chip leader Hye Park had a tough day but will still come back in 7th place with 13M.

Ramon Colillas couldn’t reach the final table and lost in 14th place for $380k, a few moments after Chance Kornuth who busted in 16th place for $305k.

Demosthenes Kiriopoulos (10th, $585k) with the heartbreaking loss at the doors of the final table

Elsewhere in the Rio

In the $10k Event #73: Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship, four players will return today to close the tournament. Yuval Bronshtein leads with 3.3M, followed by Ian O’Hara (2,1 M), Scott Seiver (1,6M) and Brian Hastings closes the group with 1,5M. They will all leave with at least $107k, and the winner will go home with a top prize of $352k.

Scott Seiver

The $10k Event #76: Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em (freezeout) almost ended within a day, but play has stopped with 7 players left. Aditya Agarwal has nearly 2.5 times the stack of the second player so he’s in a great spot to win the bracelet. He’ll face some tough competition as Stephen Chidwick (3rd), Romain Lewis (4th), Dario Sammartino (5th) and Yevgeniy Timoshenko (7th) will try to bring him down.

See you later!


WSOP 2021 Day 47 Digest

72$1,500Event #72: Mixed No-Limit Hold’em; Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)🇯🇵 Motoyoshi Okamura$209,716

Event #72: Mixed No-Limit Hold’em; Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)

The music producer Motoyoshi Okamura just won his first bracelet yesterday by beating a 846 entries field in the $1,500 event. Okamura is quite new to the game as he started playing for just over a year, but the Japanese already seems quite successful at it as he also finished 2nd in a $10k Aria High Roller a week ago for $122k.

“Winning the bracelet has been a dream of mine,” said Okamura after winning. This is my first time playing the WSOP, and I will surely be back next time.”

Motoyoshi Okamura

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

We’re getting closer and closer from knowing who will make our final table as 36 players are left, and all will leave with at least $198k more in their pockets.

Currently leading with a stack of 29M is Hye Park, coming from Holmdel, New Jersey. He has total live earnings of $471k, his best performance being a $165k cash in a $1,600 event in Vegas three years ago.

End of day 6 chip leader Hye Park

Previous chip leaders Koray Aldemir and Ramon Colillas still occupy some top spots as they are 5th and 7th both with more than 18M in chips.

Our top remaining name is Chance Kornuth who sits with the 11th stack and 13M as we unfortunately lost Stephen Chidwick (89th) and Nick Petrangelo (45th) during day 6.

Event #73: Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship

137 entries have been registered for the $10k championship and $352k will go to the winner. Sixteen are left and lead by Brian Hastings but the competition will be hard as many top pros are still there in the names of Josh Arieh (4th), Scott Seiver (6th), Erik Seidel (7th) and Shaun Deeb (14th).

To end the day, let’s have a look at the current earnings leaderboard this year:

NameTotal EarningsCashes
🇺🇸 Shaun Deeb$1,345,12614
🇦🇺 Michael Addamo$1,132,9681
🇺🇸 Ryan Leng$1,117,0367
🇺🇸 Scott Ball$1,055,6199
🇺🇸 Tommy Le$1,038,4595
🇺🇸 Daniel Lazrus$1,023,8374
🇺🇸 Daniel Cates$954,0201
🇺🇸 Ben Yu$923,33212
🇺🇸 Josh Arieh$866,0217
🇺🇸 Tyler Cornell$838,8303

WSOP 2021 Day 46 Digest

68$1,111Event #68: LITTLE ONE FOR ONE DROP No-Limit Hold’em🇺🇸 Scott Ball$396,445
71$1,500Event #71: BOUNTY Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed🇫🇷 Mourad Amokrane$132,844

Event #68: LITTLE ONE FOR ONE DROP No-Limit Hold’em

Scott Ball makes the double by winning the $1,111 Little One for One Drop! What a series for the player who beat Michael Shanahan heads-up (245k), Sorel Mizzi finishing 3rd (186k): the player made 9 cashes this year, including two wins and cash in the $50k PPC.

And what a year for him: Having live cashes since 2016, he wrote more lines on his Hendon Mob in 2021 than all the other years combined, going from roughly $60k to more than a million in just a few weeks!

“I told my friends here that before the start I feel like this isn’t the real-life” declared Ball. “It’s like a simulation to be heads up again for a bracelet in like two weeks. I’ve just worked so hard to get better at No-Limit this past year so when it peeled off and I won another one it just didn’t feel like reality. It feels like I’m dreaming and I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be like dang I can’t wait to live that one day.”

Scott Ball

Event #71: BOUNTY Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

The $1,500 event bracelet went to Mourad Amokrane from France, who earned $132,844 by beating a field of 860 players, including Jeff Gross who finished 8th.

“I have no words. I look at all the poker shows on TV. I know all the famous players and getting a WSOP bracelet is something unbelievable for me. I don’t realize it”, he said.

Amokrane is an optician, selling eyeglasses in the suburbs of Paris, his biggest score until then was $5,972 in 2016. “I’m not a professional player. I have a daily job and going to Vegas is my way to relax and enjoy my hobby”.

Mourad Amokrane

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

Less than a hundred remain in the Main Event now, and each of them will go home will at least $59,000.

It is now the German Koray Aldemir who’s the chip leader with a stack of 14M. Aldemir is a serious candidate for the win with his $12M in live earnings and a top performance of $2.1M when he finished 3rd of the $111,111 High Roller in 2016.

He’s closely followed by Ramon Colillas (12M), our chip leader from yesterday. Our well-known top pro list has unfortunately dried up quite a bit as we’re only left with Chance Kornuth (20th, 5,9M), Stephen Chidwick (48th, 3.7M) and Nick Petrangelo (92nd, 1M).

Matt Berkey falling 264th for $38k

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow for more updates!