WSOP 2021 Day 35 Digest

58$1,000Event #58: SUPER SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em🇫🇷 Jean-Luc Adam$255,623
59$1,000Event #59: TAG TEAM No-Limit Hold’em🇺🇸 Mike Ruter + 🇺🇸 Samy Dighlawi$56,683
6$666Online Event #6: Online Bracelet🇺🇸 John “Relevancy” Ripnick$114,898

Event #58: SUPER SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em

After making his first WSOP cash in the Seniors event #52, Frenchman Jean-Luc Adam wrote a second line in his book to claim his first bracelet and $255,623. The player has live results since 2010 but never cashed for more than $21k.

“I’m dreaming. It’s very strange, a strange sensation,” said Adam. “I felt good for all of the tournament and I felt very relaxed…I never think about first place, but only play every hand. It’s a very nice moment…I like to play for pleasure. I like to have emotion. It’s a very strange sensation for me because I don’t realize that it’s a world championship. It’s very unbelievable, I don’t understand now. It’s too soon, I just finished the tournament. I can’t realize exactly everything now.”

Jean-Luc Adam

Event #59: TAG TEAM No-Limit Hold’em

The team composed of Mike Ruter and Samy Dighlawi took down the $1,000 duo event for a combined prize of $113k. 641 teams took the start of the event for a total prizepool of $590,490. Both players cumuled more than $300k since their beginnings, Mike Ruter playing since 20 years, his buddy Samy Dighlawi being pretty active since 2013.

Online Event #6: Online Bracelet

John Ripnick defeated an online field of 720 unique entries, plus 309 rebuys, to earn the online bracelet and the $114,898 winning prize. John is more used to the online field as he has 25 WSOP online cashes as his live total earnings stands at $25k.

Event #60: Poker Players Championship 6-Handed

Only ten remain in one of the biggest event of the year. Ryan Leng, winner this year of the $1,500 Event #23: Eight Game Mix, is in the chip lead, followed by Josh Arieh, who also won a bracelet this year, the $1,500 Event #39: Pot-Limit Omaha. Here are the other players sorted by stack size: Nick Schulman, Eli Elezra, Matt Glantz, Dan Cates, Paul Volpe, Chris Brewer, Daniel Negreanu and Mike Wattel. They will return today to put their hands on the $954,020 top prize.

Ryan Leng


WSOP 2021 Day 34 Digest

55$400Event #55: COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em🇷🇺 Anatolii Zyrin$314,705
57$10,000Event #57: Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship🇺🇸 Brian Yoon$240,341

Event #55: COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em

Anatolii Zyrin succeeded in taking over the largest field this year to grab his second bracelet. He won his first bracelet two years ago in the $1,500 Omaha Mix for nearly $200k. The player has just crossed the $2M in live earnings, mainly by playing in Russia, Cyprus and Czech Republic.

Anatolii Zyrin

Event #57: Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship

By winning the $10k championship event, Brian Yoon pocketed $240,341 and his fourth bracelet! His previous wins were $1M in the 2017 Monster Stack, $600k in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em in 2014 and another $600k in 2013’s Little One for One Drop. The player now has more than $5M in total live earnings.

Brian Yoon

Still in progress

In the $1,000 event #58: SUPER SENIORS we unfortunately lost Sammy Farha, who busted in 66th place for $3,678, and also Dan Shak in 97th for $2,583. David Slaughter will return with the chip lead at 65 left.

36 players remain in the prestigious $50k event #60: Poker Players Championship 6-Handed. George Alexander has the lead, and is notably followed by Paul Volpe (5th), Brian Rast (6th), Dan Cates (8th) and Anthony Zinno (9th) in the top 10. Many more big names follows but will they be able to take their chance?

Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov

To end this recap, let’s have a look at the cashes leaderboard!

NameCashesTotal Earnings
🇺🇸 Shaun Deeb13$1,341,353
🇺🇸 Daniel Zack13$223,499
🇺🇸 Roland Israelashvili12$107,543
🇺🇸 Ben Yu11$900,819
🇺🇸 Jake Schwartz11$389,944

Have a good day!


WSOP 2021 Day 33 Digest

52$1,000Event #52: SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship🇺🇸 Robert Mcmillan$561,060
56$10,000Event #56: 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship🇺🇸 Ben Yu$721,453

Event #52: SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship

After 5,404 entries and 5 days of play, the $1,000 event came to an end with Robert McMillan taking the bracelet and $561k. This win is pretty huge for him as it nearly doubles his total live earnings, but the player is no stranger of live tournaments as the Robert has more than 100 cashes on his profile.

Robert McMillan

Event #56: 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship

A fourth bracelet is now in the hands of Ben Yu who came on top of a shark filled event, with 329 entries were registered and a $3M prizepool. The player now cumulates $7,3M in live earnings and passes Mike Matusow in the bracelet rankings.

Unfortunately for them, Matt Berkey (8th), JJ Liu (13th) and Sam Grafton (16th) were close but could not reach the top.

Ben Yu

Elsewhere in the Rio

Many events are in progress at the moment, especially the massive $400 COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em and its 9,399 entries now has 49 players left. A few bracelet winners will return to get some more: Anatolii Zyrin, Vincas Tamasauskas, Brett Apter and Carlos Chang. All will try to put their hands on the $314,705 top prize.

Eleven players battle for the win in the $10k Event #57: Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship, including chip leader Danny Wong, Joao Vieira (4th) and Dan Smith (11th).

The legend

Also, the now 88-years-old Doyle Brunson returned for a quick appareance at the world series in the $1,000 SUPER SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em, but unfortunately he did not make it to day 2, contrary to the High Stakes Poker mythical character Sammy Farha who bagged a large stack for day 2.

We will return with more updates, including news from the $50k Poker Players Championship 6-Handed who just started!


WSOP 2021 Day 32 Digest

53$25,000Event #53: High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)🇺🇸 Shaun Deeb$1,251,860
54$2,500Event #54: Nine Game Mix 6-Handed🇺🇸 Nicholas Julia$168,608

Event #53: High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)

What a comeback for Shaun Deeb! Starting the day in the 4th spot, he immediately doubled-up and managed to eliminate each of the four players at the table. It’s the second time Deeb wins this $25k high roller, and it’s now his fifth bracelet, making him jump 10 spots in the bracelets race with the 20th place, just behind Brian Rast who earned slightly more.

The player seems very serious in taking the top spot from Phil Hellmuth: “I’m gonna pass Phil eventually. It’s gonna take me a while but I’m gonna pass Phil. It’s gonna take me a decade or two but I’ll be there.”

Shaun Deeb now with $9M in total live earnings

Event #54: Nine Game Mix 6-Handed

Nicholas Julia won his first gold bracelet the $2,500 for $168,608. The player only had 3 lines on his Hendon Mob profile. Many familiar names were close but could not make it: Robert Mizrachi (6th – $23k), Mike Matusow (9th), Joe Hachem (14th) and John Racener (15th).

Nicholas “Cool shirt” Julia

The $1,000 event #52: SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship is still going strong with 16 players left. The fan favourites Eli Elizra and Barry Greenstein could not make the cut, leaving the chip lead to Christopher Cummings.

In the $10k Event #56: 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship, we now have 19 players hoping to win the $721k prize. Matt Berkey has kept the 3rd stack over the day, and he will come back today with JJ Liu (14th) and Sam Grafton (16th).

To end this recap, let’s have a look at the earnings leaderboard:

NameTotal EarningsCashes
🇺🇸 Shaun Deeb$1,324,80112
🇦🇺 Michael Addamo$1,132,9681
🇺🇸 Daniel Lazrus$1,023,8374
🇺🇸 Tommy Le$970,2803
🇺🇸 Tyler Cornell$838,8303
🇭🇰 Ka Kwan Lau$773,7081
🇺🇸 Justin Bonomo$700,2281
🇺🇸 Scott Ball$655,7126
🇺🇸 Michael Noori$642,7735
🇺🇸 Jesse Klein$552,1821

WSOP 2021 Day 31 Digest

Still no bracelets at the world series yesterday but the money time approach!

In the $1,000 Event #52: SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship, 148 players remain and the bubble has popped a long time ago. David Kluchman ($663K in live earnings) has taken the chip lead and has legend Eli Elezra a few steps behind him with the 7th stack. Barry Greenstein will also come back today in the 51st position.

Eli Elezra

The $25k Event #53: High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) gets close to crown its champion as five players will return to battle for the $1,2M prize. Ka Kwan Lau currently has the chip lead and is closely followed by John Beauprez, owner of a NL Hold’em bracelet. The biggest name of the table is clearly Shaun Deeb (4th) but he will have to battle hard to make his short stack grow.

Shaun Deeb (11 cashes this year)

Seventeen players are left in the $2,500 Event #54: Nine Game Mix 6-Handed, including John Racener (10th), 2005 Main Event winner Joe Hachem (13th) and Robert Mizrachi (14th). 319 entries have been recorded and $169k will be up for the winner.

Joe Hachem

Elsewhere in the Rio, the $400 Colossus has started with already more than 4000 entrants in day 1A, and 113 remain in the $10k Event #56: 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship, featuring Matt Berkey with the 3rd stack.

That’s it for today and see you tomorrow!