“Le Challenge”

We are about to start the challenge I was talking about earlier. Why do we want to start a bankroll challenge? For my part because I had a lousy end of 2012. I stopped playing for two months and just started again, but I need a good context to start from the low stakes again, and having to post my results publicly should help me staying disciplined.

Razmig and I are doing this challenge, we are going to start with 100€ on Winamax, which is the coolest french room. The challenge is going to last one month. I’ll do mostly cash games as I just don’t know how to win tournaments. I’ll post feedback on my performance regularly, and some interesting hands I’ll encounter. So that will make me start with twenty buy-ins at NL5, and I’ll try to have more as I get in higher stakes (if I do…). My objective is to reach NL100 again, but one month seems a bit short to reach that point.

Many asked what are the stakes of that challenge. Well, after many debates, we’ve decided that the loser would have to resign from the company. That should give us plenty of motivation…

Anyway, I’ll post some feedback after my first session, so see you at the tables!

Shuffle up and deal!


this is the first post of the new Poker Analytics blog! We are opening this blog to talk about Poker Analytics of course, but also because we are going to have a poker bankroll challenge with Razmig in the coming days.

The layout of the blog isn’t exactly in tune with the site because we are working on a new version of the site, and also because we really wanted to be able to post about the challenge quickly.

We will soon write on the details of the challenge.

That’s it for the first post, see you later!