Back into the game

The week end has been great! I had a really nice winning streak…until my short session of yesterday night when I was tired. But nonetheless I’ve won about 10 buy-ins since my last post. Playing with a good night sleep is really important for me, I think it explains my wins and losses since the beginning of the challenge. When I’m tired, I tend to make more preflop calls that put me in difficult spots where I take poor decisions because I am tired (i.e. I’m on tilt). Anyway it’s a good comeback and I’m now slightly above my starting point after 11 days of challenge…which is not so good. But hey, I’ve raked more than 145€ since the beginning, so I’m a big winner overall, am I ?

Here is the state of my bankroll:


And the last sessions:


I haven’t find great hands to discuss, but I liked this little trick:

CO – Hero (
SB – SB (
BB – BB (

Preflop: (€0,07, 5 players) Hero is CO with 5♦5♣
1 fold, Hero raises to €0,15, BTN calls €0,15, SB calls €0,13, 1 fold

Flop: 5♠8♥2♣ (€0,50, 3 players – BTN: €5,17, SB: €5,97, Hero: €5,86)
SB checks, Hero checks,
BTN bets €0,14, SB calls €0,14

On the flop I found a set on a rather dry board, and I decide to check to create some action with the two players. Hopefully the button decides to bet, but he does a really small bet. My plan here was to call a standard bet, but I figured that by raising in that strange pot and considering that he made a small sized bet, the button could easily imagine that I was bluffing. So here is the end of the hand:

, Hero raises to €0,50, BTN calls €0,36, 1 fold

Turn: 3♣ (€1,64, 2 players – BTN: €4,67, Hero: €5,36)
Hero bets €1,10, BTN calls €1,10

River: T♦ (€3,84, 2 players – BTN: €3,57, Hero: €4,26)
Hero bets €4,26 (all-in), BTN calls €3,57 (all-in), Uncalled bet of €0,69 returned to Hero

Total Pot: €10,98
BTN shows
K♥5♥ (One pair : 5)
Hero shows
5♦5♣ (Trips of 5)

Hero wins €10,27

It went really well and I was so happy…so that will be all for now guys, see you!