It came hard

I’ve not written in a few days because not because I didn’t want to, but because I really didn’t want to. Yes it’s been a freefall to hell. It has been tough not only because I played bad but also because luck has not been on my side. But hey I’ve been rather lucky in the first sessions so I’ve got no right to complain, and that’s the way it is. I probably haven’t slept enough these past few days, and sometimes I feel like I was playing in auto-badpilot.

So here is a beautiful chart, kindly provided by Poker Analytics:


This is the chart of my net result. If you thoroughly followed the previous post, you may notice that I’ve been playing a lot of sessions, because there are indeed a lot of points of the chart. Actually, when I hit the bottom of the curve at -40€, I chose to change things a bit, and play 1€ or 2€  sit and gos.

Here are the stats for the sit and gos.



These are ok results, and actually I’m thinking that we’ve chose to put a win ratio under 50% with the red color, which feels fine for cash games but not that much for tournaments. I’m wondering which threshold would be fine for tournaments, do you have any idea?

Back at the challenge, I’ve chosen this time to show a winning hand!

UTG – UTG (€2,48)
CO – CO (
BTN – Hero (
SB – SB (
BB – BB (

Preflop: (€0,07, 5 players) Hero is BTN with 5♣4♣
2 folds, Hero raises to €0,15, SB raises to €0,50, 1 fold, Hero raises to €1,16, SB calls €0,66

Here I chose to 4-bet because the small blind has 8% of 3-betting, in one of the most standard spot of the blinds raising the button who has a large range, which I indeed do.

Flop: J♦T♣J♥ (€2,37, 2 players – SB: €8,89, Hero: €5,93)
SB bets €1,36, Hero raises to €5,93 (all-in), 1 fold, Uncalled bet of €4,57 returned to Hero

Total Pot: €5,09

Hero wins €4,76

On the flop, the small blind donk bets, a good really good sign of weakness in that spot. He’s probably afraid of my hand and wants to see a cheap card. He could be either on two weak pairs, or on a draw with over cards with KQ, AK, AQ. I guess he could have queens too, because the range of 4-bets on NL5 is usually really limited to premiums, he’s folding here.

I don’t really know if I’m going to pursue the challenge with sit and gos or cash. Sit and gos are nice because you are detached from the amounts you are palying and really aiming to win. Cash games at NL5 are tough: the range of the players are really hard to figure, and the small amounts tend to make me call way to often in some close spots. We’ll see.

Thank you reading and see you on the tables!