Laurent’s Sessions #2 And #3

I’ve played two sessions yesterday.


The results are alright, however I’m not satisfied with the way I played. I got pretty lucky on the first two sessions and ended way above my EV. I also started to loosen my game, I just did the opposite of what I said earlier: often fold on 3-bets. I obviously lacked patience and wanted to reproduce  session #1, but that’s not how poker works.

Let’s jump to a concrete hand. In that spot I’m facing an opponent that 3-bets a lot, we’ve been in a lot of pots together, and here I’m going to 4-bet light at the button.

UTG – UTG (€5,40)
CO – CO (
BTN – Hero (
SB – SB (
BB – BB (

Preflop: (€0,07, 5 players) Hero is BTN with 9♦A♥
2 folds, Hero raises to €0,15, SB raises to €0,45, 1 fold, Hero raises to €1,00, SB calls €0,55

Flop: 4♣3♦9♥ (€2,05, 2 players – Hero: €8,75, SB: €14,14)
SB checks,
Hero bets €1,08, SB raises to €3,68, 1 fold, Uncalled bet of €2,60 returned to SB

Total Pot: €4,21

SB wins €3,94

What you can see here is that I was clearly not prepared to what the villain was going to do. We are almost 200BB deep here and it is not a situation I often faced. So when I hit top pair top kicker I was pretty confident to bet given the fact that he should have a large range, but not ready at all to face a raise and put the rest of my stack in the pot. It is important to assess the situation and to be prepared to react to any kind of move from your opponents. So here, given the stacks and the situation, a check would have been much more appropriate to control the pot effectively, get a free card, and see how the villain was going to play the rest of the hand.

So here is the state of my bankroll at the moment, it is pretty nice even if I’m not playing my A-game. But that really doesn’t matter, let’s have a good look at the horizon: I’m targeting €250 to jump to NL10.


See you soon!