Bamboo New Stats

This is the third post of a serie describing Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo new features.

Today is a short post on the three new statistics that have been added to the app.

Poker Analytics Bamboo Statistics

Total Tips
In the session setup, you can now tell how much tips you’ve given in a live cash games session.  You can check the total of your tips in the cash game section of your Stats screen.

Net Hour Rate
To make good use of your break management, we’ve added the Net Hour Rate. The Net Hour Rate subtracts your break duration from the total game duration and computes the hour rate with this netted duration.

In your Stats screen under the tournament section, we’ve replaced the standard Hour Rate with the Net Hour Rate in order to get more accurate values.
Under the cash section, you’ll see both stats so you can easily compare your performance in both cases.

Total Buyin
This statistic does not appear in the Stats screen, but you can select it when creating a custom report.

That’s it for now, time to dig deeper in the stats!