Bamboo Quick Setup

Hey guys,

this is the second post of a series describing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0. You can check the first one on hand histories.

Since the inception of Poker Analytics, we’ve been commited to make the app as easy to use as possible, and since a few months, we felt new users had trouble changing their session parameters. People already knowing the app well could also use something better. We had too many data at too many places, so we really wanted to make things better.

So we’ve decided to make dramatic changes and go for the simplest option: your session in one single screen. The data is now much easier to edit, and to look at.

On the feature side, there are three changes:

  • You have the ability to attach some hands to the session, as described in the post on hand histories.
  • You can now edit the duration of pauses. Just tap on the field, and put the duration of your pause in minutes. It is really useful when you play tournaments on several days.
  • You can add tips when you are playing live cash games.

There is also a new feature in your sessions list that can save you some time. We’ve added a way to duplicate your session. Long-tap a session’s cell to make a Duplicate button appear on the screen. Tap on it and get a session setup with the same parameters, you are ready to go!

Poker Analytics Bamboo Session Duplicate

Have a nice day at the tables!