Your game, your history, your legacy.

The title might be a little too much, but even if the subject is not the most interesting, it’s definitely one of the most important, that’s why we’ve decided to write a post about data in our favorite app.

Becoming a Poker Analytics Pro user is most of the time a sign that you are a very serious poker player. You care about the game, about tracking your results, and analyzing your data, and you chose Poker Analytics to build the data about your sessions, and we thank you again for that.

Your data is very precious, and need to be safe. In our space, multiple parties are involved: you, the people around you, us, and Apple. Each is fallible, everyone can make a mistake, or be unlucky, and your data can be lost. You can erase the app, someone can delete your data by accident, Poker Analytics might have a bug or lightnings could hit Apple data centers.

These unfortunate stories are rare but they do happen, and you don’t want to be sorry when your data is lost. So it is important to take action to avoid such events.

There are multiple ways to do that:

File Export in Poker Analytics:

  • XML files that contains everything but custom reports, filters and hand histories. These files can be imported back into Poker Analytics.
  • As a reminder, the exported CSV files only contains your sessions and they cannot be imported back into Poker Analytics.

iCloud backup in Poker Analytics:

  • You can enable iCloud synchronization by going in the More tab, then Settings > iCloud synchronization. This will send your data to Apple servers and allow you to retrieve it if something happens to your phone.

iOS iCloud Backup

  • Very useful, you don’t need to connect to iTunes, the backup is done automatically whenever your iPhone’s is plugged to the charger. You won’t need iTunes to restore from iCloud either, everything will be available through the device.

iTunes backups:

  • By plugging your iPhone to your computer you can activate automatic backups.

We recommend you to regularly save data exports. You simply can send yourself a “bug report” from Poker Analytics using the so-called option in the More tab > Settings. It will export your data in XML and open a mail. Just add your email in place of ours and you’ve got a quick way to save your data.

You can also export to your computer and save it on some cloud of your preference, and to use automatic iTunes backups. Every opportunity to save your data should be taken. Anything can happen to your phone, your computer, or to some data centers so you should limit all the risks.

Ask yourself what would happen if you lost your data now and take action, and then have lots of fun at the tables!