Poker Analytics 4

At last, today we are announcing the next release of our favorite app: Poker Analytics 4 “Nosebleed”!

We are very, very excited to show you what we’ve done, but we have to wait a little bit more. We hope to release the app this December, but it might be in January. By bringing never seen before features in the poker industry, this new version will change the tracking standards.

So let’s jump into it.

Conditioning reports

Using a new report engine, Poker Analytics 4 correlates your results with 3 conditioning indicators :

  • sleep
  • workouts
  • session duration

The reports will dramatically help you optimize how you prepare for the game. You’ll be able to see how much sleep you need to perform the best, how workouts affects your results, and when you should leave the table.

Bankroll reports and custom operations

By popular demand, we have created custom operations. You’ll have the ability to create the operation types you want, and attach them to your sessions, so that your stats reflect all your expenses and other bonuses.

We are also adding the possibility to filter your bankroll by dates, so you see the breakdown of your poker results and expenses for your poker trips, or have a clean picture of what you have achieved in the current year.

Player notes

We’ve added the possibility to add notes to players. You can link the notes directly from your sessions or hand histories and have them sorted by date. The Friends section is refactored into Players and each player view will show the sessions and the hands you’ve played together.


We are adding the iPad support! You’ll finally enjoy your data on a bigger screen.

Apple Watch

Poker Analytics 4 has an Apple Watch extension. This little extension will let your iPhone in your pocket and let you focus on the game. It will allow you to start, pause and end your sessions in a really quick fashion.

New theme

We do love the current Clover / dark green theme in Poker Analytics, but we felt that some might get a little uncomfortable in that environment, so we are adding a new Diamond / light theme that you might enjoy too, the choice will be yours!


That’s it for the major features. There are also a lot of minor improvements in the app that we will probably detail later on, overall the app still feels very familiar but has a lot more depth!

Competing in this small market has been pretty hard since the launch. We want to continue to provide the best tool on the market and that’s why and we have decided to change the app business model. Poker Analytics 4 will be a new standalone app that will be subscription based, at the price of $29.99/year for the USA. We want to explain to you why we are doing that in the next post.