What’s new in Poker Analytics 4?

The app has just been released, and it’s time to show you all the amazing new features we’ve developed for you.

Conditioning reports

We’re really very excited about these new reports. It’s a first in the industry. We’ve developed a new engine to correlate your results with some parameters.

  • The duration of your sessions: now, instead of comparing your results between different duration segments, we are able to precisely trace a curve showing how you perform on average for any duration.
  • Sleep duration: In the same fashion, using your Sleep data from the Health app, you’ll see how much sleep you need to perform at your best.
  • Sport activity: We correlate your results with the calories you’ve burned and how long practiced to show you the impact of your physical activity on your results.

To use the latest two reports, you will need to use a sleep and a sport tracking app that input some data in the Health app. We recommend Sleep Cycle if you are looking to track your sleep. We do not have any recommendation for sport tracking apps as it often depend on the type of sport you are practicing.

Reports and charts

Duration chart

Heavily requested, we’ve added a new duration tab in your net result evolution graph, which will give you the total duration of play in the X-axis.

Chart legends

All legends have been reworked for clarity and better understanding.


In most reports, you’ll now have an indication of the number of sessions played.


Some new filters have been added for tournaments:

  • Number of players
  • Completion percentage
  • Finishing place

Filters name can now be edited.


Player notes

It is now possible to add some notes to players. The notes are automatically dated to get maximum relevancy.

A ‘Players’ tab has been added to edit the players and quickly see their profile.

In hand histories, you can also specify which player is playing, and have a look at your hand history with the player in its profile.

Game selection control

When starting a new session, we are now indicating your hourly rate for this particular kind of session, based on the stakes, the game, the format, and whether the game is live or online.

You’ll be able to compare this hourly rate with your overall hourly rate, for cash games or tournaments, and be able to judge if this is the best game for you.

Bankroll variation

At the end of a session, we are indicating the bankroll variation, to make yourself more aware of your bankroll management.


  • We’ve refactored the format keyboard for a quicker selection.
  • The pause state of a session is better indicated

Custom operations and bankroll

Probably the most requested feature, is the ability to create custom operations. You’ll now be able to create operations for expenses, mileage, knockouts and other bonuses.

We’re also adding the ability to add an operation to a session, meaning you’ll be able to calculate your real winnings on the go.

As for all operations, it will be possible to see the total of each operation type in the bankroll tab.

But what if you spent 3 weeks at the WSOP? How much did you really win between your poker winnings, the hotel and the travel? Bankrolls can be filtered by date to get a precise breakdown of your trips or year.

Hand histories

  • The format, action and cards keyboards have been refactored
  • It is now possible to create multi-straddle hands


  • The app icon has been beautified
  • There a new light graphical theme named Diamond
  • The app uses the San Francisco font
  • We’ve worked on the readability to make your eyes less tired
  • We’ve optimized the graphics for iPhone 6+ and 6s+



Finally, we finally support the iPad! Not much to say about that, but you won’t feel lost with the familiar feel of the app.

Apple Watch

Poker Analytics gets a simple Apple Watch extension which will help you manage your sessions directly on your wrist.


  • The comments view have been refactored for better readability.
  • Tapping on a tab makes a table scroll to the top.
  • Your data files can now be directly imported from the Mail app using a long tap on the attachment.
  • Hand histories are now exported in the XML backups, and can be imported.