The road to Nosebleed

Today, while waiting patiently for the release of Poker Analytics 4, we wanted to tell you more about the origins and the direction we took to decide which features to add in Poker Analytics 4 Nosebleed.

Your requests

We are glad to frequently receive great feedback from you guys, and we want to thank you for it again. In this new version, we wanted to address the features that has been requested the most and that makes the more sense in what we want to achieve.

The most requested feature has been the capability to create custom fields that can be added or subtracted to the result of the session. Many wanted to attach some expenses to a single session, so that’s what we did. Operation types are a new type of static data that you can create in the app, and you can attach any operation to a session. You’ll be able to create operations like mileage, food, bad beat jackpots and so on.

One issue came up though. Players going to the WSOP are paying for their travel to Vegas and their hotel, a situation where you cannot attach one expense to a single session, because you might play a bunch of tournaments, and cash sessions on the side. To solve that issue we’ve added bankroll filters, making you able to see the breakdown of your poker trips, or how was your 2015 year.


After nearly 4 years riding with Poker Analytics, we had this recurrent feeling that some of the information we were showing was sometimes incomplete. Our charts were a bit lacking in relevance because most of the time we didn’t display the volumes. As a poker tracker, it is essential that the statistics we display makes sense.

We love the comparison charts in Poker Analytics, but you need to know if you have enough data to be able to give a stat some meaning. You can have a crazy hourly rate at one location because you played a tournament once and made the final table, but in the end you cannot make any conclusion about that. That’s why we’ve added volumes indicators by default in most charts, so you can quickly judge if a stat is relevant or not.


Our mission is to provide the best tracking app, and by that we want to give you tools that will make you stand apart from the other players. With iOS 8, Apple has offered us a way to use powerful resources to analyze your data and better prepare for the game with the Health app. In Poker Analytics 4, you can give the app access to some of your Health data, in order to correlate your results with some health parameters.

We chose to start with your sleep and physical activity, as they definitely have an huge impact on your game. Conditioning reports give you a way to know the optimal duration of sleep or sport practice, so you can get the best preparation as possible every time you play.

We think that with all these new features, you’ll get new insights on your results, you’ll be able to prepare better than ever and have a great 2016!