Poker Analytics 4.6

Today we released a new significant version of Poker Analytics! There are new features in the app so let’s detail them all.

New stats

Finally, some new stats! It’s been a while since we wanted to add a few, so here are the new additions:

  • Big Blinds Won per 100 Hands
  • Standard Deviation per Hour
  • Standard Deviation in BB per 100 Hands

In the Stats tab, we’ve removed the current Standard Deviation by Standard Deviation Per Hour, which is much more relevant for you. We’ve also added the BB/100 Hands ratio for cash game.

You probably already understood that the Standard Deviation and Standard Deviation in BB per 100 hands are not shown in the Stats screen, but where then?

You might not be aware but Poker Analytics has Custom Reports. In the Reports tab, you can create your own reports by hitting the Plus button. Custom reports allows you to create pretty much any kind of reports you’re already familiar with, using the stats and filters you really want to see!


We’ve fixed a couple of issues with sharing:

  • The Instagram sharing didn’t work
  • Some of our reports couldn’t be exported

Also, we’ve changed the way some graphs are exported. We’ve made a format better suited to social sharing, with a size better suited to smaller screen, and way closer from what you see on the app!


A few weeks ago, we’ve had a request for a Poker Trak import in the app. We know how important it is to have your data inside the app, so we’re always happy to get your current data inside the app. We did implement what’s necessary for this new format format, but understand that it’s still experimental at the moment. Contact us if you’re looking to import that kind of data.

That’s it for 4.6! You can update your apps now, and please have a lot of fun at the tables!