Poker Analytics 4.5

We’re happy to release this new version of Poker Analytics!

Let’s be honest with each other, no major feature for this release, but a lot of small features that should ease your life.

We won’t list them all but here are the most important ones:

  • Your filters are now automatically sorted by usage. The more you’ll use a filter the more he’ll figure at the top of the filters list.
  • Year filter: There is now a dynamic filter for years. You’ll be able to select any year you played a session.
  • Hands group export: we’ve added a button that lets you export groups of hands.
  • We’ve changed the way hands and hands groups are displayed. You should have way less trouble finding recorded hands!

Also, we’ve fixed some bugs, especially around iCloud, and we’ve added the app support for iOS 11, which might be the secret major feature of this release if you’re fond of graphical changes!

We wish you great sessions at the tables!