Data import

Poker data has never been truly formalized, and every tool has its on way of expressing session data.

Your poker data is (or should be!) yours, and it should be as easy as possible to move between apps. Switching apps can be tricky, and we try to do our best to accept as many data format as possible.

Here are the format we currently accept in Poker Analytics:

Poker Incomecontact us
Poker Bankroll Tracker
Poker Journal
Poker Track
Holdem Manager 1
Poker Tracker 3 & 4
Rungoodcontact us
Poker Agent

Your current app is not in the list? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

So how to import your data?

The process is pretty simple, and usually looks like this:

  • Export your sessions as a CSV file from your older app
  • Send the file to yourself by mail
  • Open the mail, and tap on the attachment. Sometimes you’ll have multiple files to import
    • On Android, you might sometimes have to select Poker Analytics.
    • On iOS 13+, tap on the top right button, then select Poker Analytics
  • Proceed inside Poker Analytics then Save.

After saving, please make sure that your data has been correctly imported. It’s possible that apps slightly change their format and that may have consequences on the import.

If you encounter any kind of issue, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!