Poker Analytics 6.2

We’re very excited to release version 6.2 as we’ve done a major overhaul to the Reports tab.

There is now no need for you to dig in the reports to find out where you perform the best as Poker Analytics does the job for you. Poker Analytics shows you immediately what is your best game, your best location and so on…by total result and hourly rate. So when you add a new record, Poker Analytics will look for your best performance and will notify you when there is a new best! You’ll be able to adjust more quickly and make an even better table selection.

And there is more:

  • Your optimal cash game duration is finally displayed
  • No need to create your custom field reports as the app will look out for these too
  • You’ll see your best parameters not only all your sessions but for each of your dataset!

New best performances appears with a red dot

There are also a few minor improvements in the app:

  • You can now add options to your custom fields directly in the session
  • Badges have been added to the calendar tab when a month has ended

Let us know what you think of this version! You can contact us on social media, by mail or through the App Store.