Yes it came

After the lovely green sessions, you always expect the ugly red sessions to come. You can expect bad beats, but you don’t expect to play bad. You say to yourself: yeah they got lucky, yeah they played terrible, yeah I’m much better than they are and I should own the limit. But actually you play […]

Laurent’s Sessions #2 And #3

I’ve played two sessions yesterday. The results are alright, however I’m not satisfied with the way I played. I got pretty lucky on the first two sessions and ended way above my EV. I also started to loosen my game, I just did the opposite of what I said earlier: often fold on 3-bets. I […]

Razmig’s Session #1 Summary

My first session of this challenge, sorry Laurent I’m late. So, we’ve decided to do this challenge and use our app great features to follow it. Self advertisement never hurts 🙂 My goal is to be able to play at NL20 with a good bankroll management, having more than 50 buy-ins. After creating my new […]

Session #1 Summary

I’ve completed my first session last night. The first half was pretty tough, for an hour the guys played pretty nit, I was down a little, already asking myself how I was gonna beat the limit. I lost the biggest pot at that moment, with a hand I am not really proud of: Stacks: UTG […]

“Le Challenge”

We are about to start the challenge I was talking about earlier. Why do we want to start a bankroll challenge? For my part because I had a lousy end of 2012. I stopped playing for two months and just started again, but I need a good context to start from the low stakes again, […]