Introducing Poker Analytics 3.0

Hello everybody!

Poker Analytics Bamboo has just been released on all App Store! We are really proud and incredibly excited about it.

When we started defining the content of Bamboo, we wanted to fill the gap of what we think should be a true mobile poker tracker. We also wanted to remove the clutter from the current version and push the user experience further. So there are some major visual changes but we think everybody will quickly feel at home.
We will make a series of posts to detail the new features of the app, for now you can already check the release note.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of all our loyal beta testers. You’ve put together more than 50 hours of tests on the beta, and we find that pretty impressive! Your feedback and testing have been awesome, so thank you very much everybody!

Besides making deep changes to the app, we are doing some cleanup to the Poker Analytics lineup on the App Store:

  • The full featured Poker Analytics will be renamed to Poker Analytics Pro.
  • Poker Analytics Regular no longer exists as an app. It is now available only as an in-app purchase in the free edition of Poker Analytics.
  • Poker Analytics Lite becomes Poker Analytics. We’ve decided to remove the LITE from the name bacause with hand histories as an unlimited feature and with the M-factor calculator, this edition becomes a real standalone app.

In that regard, we have a big announcement to make regarding the pricing and in-app purchases. We want Poker Analytics Pro to become the standard of mobile poker tracking, so starting today the app comes at $9.99 on the US App Store, check the price on your local store! We are also including the currency management in all versions!

The app has been translated in german, so check your settings!

Happy sessions!