The new Poker Analytics price model

We have just previewed the top features of the new Poker Analytics Nosebleed version in our previous post, where we briefly announced the new pricing model that comes with it. We wanted to come back to this subject with a longer post to explain why we are going with a subscription of $29.99 a year.

Yes, in the app world it is a pretty big number. Yes, it is a decent sum of money, and yes, many apps today have free updates. But not everybody have hundreds of millions of users and not all companies are funded by venture capitalists, so we want to tell you more about where we are and where we are headed.

To be honest, at this very moment Poker Analytics is a mitigated success. It is a success because it’s the product that made us transition for the corporate world to the entrepreneurship world, which is amazing. It’s a success because we’ve been working on something that we love: we love poker, we love stats, we love great software, and we are able to do just that, this is the life we want. The app is also a success because we are convinced we have achieved to build the best poker tracker on mobile. You give us great ratings, and your comments are always, or rather most of the times, a real treat to read.

However, Poker Analytics has been a great time investment since we’ve started developing it in 2011, and financially it is not a success yet. Our goal is to live by developing what we love, and our two persons team has not been able to live off the app for now. To meet our ends, we are developing apps on the side for other companies, but we want to spend more time on our own apps.

Developing and maintaining apps takes time. We are not paid when fixing a bug, or when adding a new feature. To cover a day of work at our current rates, we should sell 20 apps a day, and we are not even close to that. We have started working this new version at the beginning of this year – not full time – but we somehow would like to make these days profitable. Releasing the new version as a free update wouldn’t bring enough new users to cover the investment, that’s why we need to make Poker Analytics 4 a paying update.

The mobile poker tracker world is truly a niche market, and most of the apps in that market have an unfinished feel, with very few updates, and it’s important to understand that it is a very difficult space. There is not enough serious poker players in the world to feed developers with $1 or $2 apps, this is why we have to readjust our prices in this market to be able to maintain our apps.
One of our goals is to keep providing the best overall experience of all trackers, from the app usage to the support, be innovative in the game and be consistently ahead of the competition.

There is definitely a place for us within the poker world, because serious players are looking for great products to track their results, and we do believe that for many players, Poker Analytics 4 will be worth a lot more than $29.99 a year, especially with the features to come. We wouldn’t want to sell a subscription if we didn’t think the app could provide you more.

Learning if you perform the best in cash game or tournament, if you win a lot more in your local casino than online, that your hourly rate decreases quickly after playing 6 hours, all these answers bring you value every time you sit at a poker table for the rest of your life, and we feel that a yearly subscription is worth that price.

We are not going anywhere. We are growing slowly but surely. We want to continue bringing you the best piece of software, and we hope we will continue our way together. We want the Poker Analytics users to be the best poker players, we want you to get bracelets, triples crowns, and those mountains of cash chips in the high stakes rooms, so let’s get to these nosebleed games!

We have also written this post for future users. We would like you to postpone your purchase on the current version. Due to technical limitation, we won’t be able to offer you a promotion for the future release if you buy the app now, so please be patient, we are working as fast as possible to release Poker Analytics 4!