Welcome to Poker Analytics!

Every once in a while we’re asked if there is a guide to the app. Unfortunately we don’t have a proper guide at the moment but we’ve started to write some posts that you’ll find in the how-to category of the blog.

Alternately, we have some starting advices to set up the app.


When launching the app, we recommend you to go in the More tab > Settings to setup a couple of things.


Check if the currency symbol indicated fits you. The currency selected will be used as your main currency and all your statistics will be computed in that currency.

Pin code

You can lock the app from strangers by setting a PIN code. The code will be asked each time you open the app. Please note that the code is stored locally so we have no way to retrieve it for you. If you’re on iOS, you can use Touch ID or Face ID in addition to unlock the app.


By default, we’re creating your Live bankroll for your live games. Bankrolls must be set either for live or online games. This will change a couple of fields when editing your session.

Typically, you’ll want to create a live bankroll for each currency, and an online bankroll for each room you’re playing on. There is a field to indicate the original value of your bankroll so you can start wherever you want.

Bankrolls have a currency field, and a specific rate. It means that you can have different bankrolls with the same currency but with a different rate, which can make your accounting easier for each trip abroad.



Most users will spend a lot of time creating sessions. When editing a session, we display fields that are relevant to the type of game you play. Poker Analytics selects your favorite game configuration based on the location you’re playing at. Make sure to enable geolocation in the app, this way you’ll be located every time you start playing and your favorite configuration will be set automatically.


To create your sessions faster, you can duplicate the parameters of an existing session. In the sessions list, you can do that by making a long tap on the row of the session you want to copy, which will make appear the Duplicate button.

iCloud (for iOS)

You can use iCloud to backup your Poker Analytics data automatically and keep your iPhone and iPad synchronized. We strongly recommend you to make frequent backups, whether it is your device or your data. Nobody wants to lose his data if something bad happens.

Theme (for iOS)

Poker Analytics 4 introduced a new light graphical theme, test the diamond theme right now to see if it suits your taste better!