Poker Analytics 4.4

The update is available! You can download the app now on the store, or go on the App Store to update it!

Let’s jump into it!


In the app, there is a super powerful tool to look at anything you want, which is called custom reports, and gives you access to most of the computation engine of the app.

Unfortunately, maybe it’s difficult to find, maybe it’s difficult to use, but it appears you rarely use it.

So we chose to bring some of those capabilities more upfront to let you enjoy digging in your stats.

Concretely, we’ve added two gear buttons in two different screens:

  • Evolution chart: Choose a comparison key to see the breakdown of your stat by locations, game, day of week, anything…
  • Comparison chart: You’ll be able to change the statistic you’re looking out.

Pretty simple but we believe (and hope) you’ll love it!

Session sharing

We’ve seen that many users were sharing their results on social networks, so you’ll now be able to get a custom summary view to export to whatever medium you want!


We’ve implemented two changes:

  • Tips now behave like buy-ins, meaning you can add your latest tip to the sum of tips you’ve given.
  • Tips can now be added directly from your Apple Watch, no need to get your iPhone out of your pocket!

That’s sums it up for Poker Analytics 4.4! Better reporting, better sharing and better tips usability! Have some great games, please!