Poker Analytics 4.8

Hello! It’s already time for another little but packed release, so here we go!

Improved hand history animated exports

We’ve made a couple of really important enhancements for the GIF & Video exports:

  • The format is a real square, so it’s gonna look way better when you share the videos on Instagram for example
  • We’ve added the size of the bets for much better readability

Here is the result:

Tom Dwan loses a huge $2.35 million pot against Paul Phua. The currency is the Korean Won.

Improved hand history reading mode

We’re now displaying cute little cards when you read a hand:

The same hand in reading mode

Apple Watch & Player Notes

You can now read your player notes directly on your wrist if you’re a lucky Apple Watch user:

Some of Nicholas tendencies on the Apple Watch

Other new features

Asked by some of dear users:

  • You can now export your operations as CSV
  • You can change the language of the app

We’ve also pretty much fixed the whole textual export of hand history, as it only work for mails.

This is it for 4.8! And as usual, feedback and comments on the App Store are strongly encouraged as they really help us improve the app! Have a great day!