Mass Transfer

Hey guys,

we’re happy to announce the MASS TRANSFER operation. We apologize in advance to current subscribers as this won’t really concern you, BUT you might have a friend interested though, AND you might really want him to use Poker Analytics, therefore please let him know!

MASS TRANSFER is a limited offer we have for all iOS poker tracker users. To celebrate the arrival of Poker Analytics 5 later this year (hopefully), today we give you the chance to win a free year of Poker Analytics. At this point we support the import of many trackers so importing your data will most likely be possible.

Participating is very simple: send us a mail to

Please join:

  • Your full name
  • A photo of your id
  • Proof that you currently own a tracker: a combination of receipt, screenshot or photo of your current tracker
  • (optional) Why you’d like to try our app

We have a limited supply of codes to distribute, but we’re confident that we’ll have enough for every valid submissions. In case of limited supply, we’ll subjectively select submissions based on their content. You’re also eligible only if not currently a Poker Analytics subscriber.

The operation is limited until the end of 2018.

Wishing you the best at the tables!