What do we do with your data?

“My data must be automatically saved somewhere right?”

The answer is no.

When designing Poker Analytics, we made the choice to build an offline first app. We want you to be able to access your data at any time, even if you have no network. For us, that means that the data is yours and that we cannot access it. It means that we don’t know how much you win or lose, what notes you have on other players, or how you play your hands.

It also means that you’re in charge of your data. You have to make sure to backup your data and that’s very important. You lose your device, you lose your data…unfortunately we cannot help you. However there are ways to fix this:

  • iCloud backups: You can activate your data being saved on Apple servers. You can do this under More > Settings.
  • XML backups: Manual data saving from the app. You should regularly send yourself backups.
  • Device backups: You can save the whole content of your device, including Poker Analytics, either on iCloud or directly on your computer.

Also, we don’t own any servers. If your data is stored on iCloud, please note that we still have no access to it.

That said, we want to be fully transparent and say that we do collect some data, but more precisely anonymous data only. We use Google Analytics to learn about the general app usage. With this service, we can learn the number of users we have each day, or how much time is spent in Poker Analytics on average, and more useful information like crashes. (Side note: When setting up your device or installing a new iOS version, Apple asks you whether you’d like to give developers crash data, please say yes, we like crash data!)

Additionally, on some occasions, we log events to learn more about specific usages. For example, we wanted to learn the ratio of live & online use, or how often sessions are logged in the app. Please understand that this is all anonymous and grouped data so it’s really impossible to track anything back to specific users.

Your data is in your hands.