Poker Analytics 5.2

Version 5.2 for iOS is now live and available on the App Store, so make sure to update your apps!

Here what’s new:

New stat! Estimated number of hands now available

Available both in the Stats and Calendar tab, you can now have an idea of how many hands you played.

But how is it calculated?

We use a simple rule to estimate this. We’re using a number of hands per hour value (HPH), based on the number of players (NP) at the table, and a constant, whether the session is live or online, representing the total distributed hands per hour (DHPH), to calculate this:


DHPH is 250 for live and 500 for online.

For example, a 10-max live game will give 25 hands per hour. An online 5-max game will give 100 hands per hour.

Session CSV export available right into the Feed

In the Feed, under the Sessions tab, you could until now export a summary of your sessions played as HTML.

Now you’ll also have the option to export those sessions as CSV, so you can use filters as you’d like to export specific subsets of sessions.

Transactions improvements

Two small improvements have been made for transactions:

  • Transactions can now be deleted right into their own screen
  • For new transactions, the bankroll is automatically selected if you use only one

That’s it for 5.2. We hope you stay healthy and wish you the best for these difficult times.