Hand Recording on Android!

We’re very excited to launch a public beta today with the new amazing hand recorder!

We took the best from the iOS app and improved it to record hands even faster. If you’re not interested in the short read just go ahead and download the beta:


What’s new compared to the iOS version?

  • You can straddle from anywhere, hello Mississippi straddle!
  • Shortcuts to jump to a further position, meaning there is no need to specify that N players folded preflop
  • Unknown card value or suit: you can just put X for the value or the suit, and you’re not forced to specify either one.

Note: we haven’t developed the video export yet, but we’ll add it later. Text export is available.

But how do I create a new hand? In the Feed tab, just tap on the plus button and you’ll see the option appear!

The feature is in beta for the moment, that means that we’re craving for your feedback! Whether it’s good or bad, or if you find some bugs, please contact us and tell us about it! Thanks!