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Bamboo Other New Features

Hey there, this is the fifth and final post introducing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo. We still have a few in the basket so here they are:

Tabs reorganization
We were getting a bit frustrated from the lack of width on the main screens, so we have adopted the more standard horizontal tabs that you can find in many iOS apps. With hands histories, we weren’t sure which four tabs you would like to have at all times in Poker Analytics, so we have added the ability to reorganize the tabs the way that best suits you. You can do that in the More tab and then press Edit, the app will automatically save the new order.

Poker Analytics tabs

Best performances
There is a new tab called Top 10, which shows you your 10 best performances in cash and tournament. Take on the world and make a new entry!

Poker Analytics best performances

Monthly net result
In your sessions history, you’ll be able to look at your performance month by month. As simple as that!

Now you know everything about all the new features of Poker Analytics Bamboo! We hope you love it as much as we do! We still have a lot of pleasure hearing from you so give us your feedback.

See you!


iCloud on Bamboo

This is the fourth post of a series describing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0. You can check the previous one on the new stats in Bamboo.

Let’s talk a bit about iCloud. Now that’s integrated to Poker Analytics, you just have to decide whether you want all your data synchronized on iCloud.

At the first launch of Bamboo, you will be asked you what you want to do. If you didn’t enable iCloud at that moment, you can still go into the “More” tab and then in the “Settings” screen, enable the iCloud Sync option.

At the time you activated this option, the app will start uploading your data to the cloud. It can take some time depending of your number of sessions but when this step is over, you will be able to access your data from any other device.

In the case of a new device, Poker Analytics will always ask you what to do with it if it detects that you have an iCloud back-up available.

Now you’ve got iCloud, no more backup to make or think of,  all your data is continuously synchronized and saved on the cloud.

If you change your iPhone or iPad or lose it in a side bet, you will be able to retrieve everything on your new device.

We kept the capability to import & export your data in XML (on your device or through iCloud, which is not the same as the new sync feature). You just need to know that the XML backup does not manage hand histories and reports.

Our goal was to set up everything to work without you thinking about it, enjoy!

Bamboo New Stats

This is the third post of a serie describing Poker Analytics 3.0 Bamboo new features.

Today is a short post on the three new statistics that have been added to the app.

Poker Analytics Bamboo Statistics

Total Tips
In the session setup, you can now tell how much tips you’ve given in a live cash games session.  You can check the total of your tips in the cash game section of your Stats screen.

Net Hour Rate
To make good use of your break management, we’ve added the Net Hour Rate. The Net Hour Rate subtracts your break duration from the total game duration and computes the hour rate with this netted duration.

In your Stats screen under the tournament section, we’ve replaced the standard Hour Rate with the Net Hour Rate in order to get more accurate values.
Under the cash section, you’ll see both stats so you can easily compare your performance in both cases.

Total Buyin
This statistic does not appear in the Stats screen, but you can select it when creating a custom report.

That’s it for now, time to dig deeper in the stats!

Bamboo Quick Setup

Hey guys,

this is the second post of a series describing the new features of Poker Analytics 3.0. You can check the first one on hand histories.

Since the inception of Poker Analytics, we’ve been commited to make the app as easy to use as possible, and since a few months, we felt new users had trouble changing their session parameters. People already knowing the app well could also use something better. We had too many data at too many places, so we really wanted to make things better.

So we’ve decided to make dramatic changes and go for the simplest option: your session in one single screen. The data is now much easier to edit, and to look at.

On the feature side, there are three changes:

  • You have the ability to attach some hands to the session, as described in the post on hand histories.
  • You can now edit the duration of pauses. Just tap on the field, and put the duration of your pause in minutes. It is really useful when you play tournaments on several days.
  • You can add tips when you are playing live cash games.

There is also a new feature in your sessions list that can save you some time. We’ve added a way to duplicate your session. Long-tap a session’s cell to make a Duplicate button appear on the screen. Tap on it and get a session setup with the same parameters, you are ready to go!

Poker Analytics Bamboo Session Duplicate

Have a nice day at the tables!


Introducing Poker Analytics 3.0

Hello everybody!

Poker Analytics Bamboo has just been released on all App Store! We are really proud and incredibly excited about it.

When we started defining the content of Bamboo, we wanted to fill the gap of what we think should be a true mobile poker tracker. We also wanted to remove the clutter from the current version and push the user experience further. So there are some major visual changes but we think everybody will quickly feel at home.
We will make a series of posts to detail the new features of the app, for now you can already check the release note.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of all our loyal beta testers. You’ve put together more than 50 hours of tests on the beta, and we find that pretty impressive! Your feedback and testing have been awesome, so thank you very much everybody!

Besides making deep changes to the app, we are doing some cleanup to the Poker Analytics lineup on the App Store:

  • The full featured Poker Analytics will be renamed to Poker Analytics Pro.
  • Poker Analytics Regular no longer exists as an app. It is now available only as an in-app purchase in the free edition of Poker Analytics.
  • Poker Analytics Lite becomes Poker Analytics. We’ve decided to remove the LITE from the name bacause with hand histories as an unlimited feature and with the M-factor calculator, this edition becomes a real standalone app.

In that regard, we have a big announcement to make regarding the pricing and in-app purchases. We want Poker Analytics Pro to become the standard of mobile poker tracking, so starting today the app comes at $9.99 on the US App Store, check the price on your local store! We are also including the currency management in all versions!

The app has been translated in german, so check your settings!

Happy sessions!


Bamboo’s new feature: Hand History

Hi there,

It’s already been two years since Poker Analytics has been released and we’ve been thrilled with the ride! We have got great response from the community so we would like to thank you again. And it was time to make some major improvements to your favorite app, so we’ve listened to everything you told us and decided to go for a new major release: Poker Analytics 3.0 codenamed “Bamboo”.

We would like to take some time to explain one of the biggest addition to this version: hand histories. With it, you can simply and quickly add any hand history during a session and share it.

And you can test it right now! Our beta is open  and we need your feedback. You can already register at

Hand reviews are one of the key of winning at poker. Discussing about a hand with other players is  one of the most efficient way to improve. It’s even more powerful if you have the chance to discuss the hand with better players, that’s why we’ve added the sharing on your favorites social networks.

There is two way to add a new hand. You can record a hand directly from a session and get automatic setup of the table size and blinds. You can also add hands freely using the Hands tab.

The first part of the screen is the hand setup: table size, blinds, ante, stacks, and your hand.

iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.11.16

Set up the hero position by tapping on a seat.

iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.08.06

Then simply set the players actions, the app will automatically give the focus on the relevant action.

iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.06.37

Set the cards at each streets and voilà, it’s done.

iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.08.35

Then you can ask your friends their advices and improve!

iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.06.43iphone5_v_Screenshot 2014.03.01 09.07.06

Test it now! Register for Poker Analytics Bamboo 3.0 at